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Writing to Save Your Life |The Power of Story to Heal Trauma and Wounds | Write Yourself Free

A Downloadable Teleseminar Series with

Experts: Dr. James Pennebaker, Kathleen Adams, Linda Joy Myers,

and Marina Nemat


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The National Association of Memoir Writers is pleased to offer these unique
teleseminars with the top experts in the field of writing. In this three audio/transcript series, we are
so pleased to share discussions that you would normally have to attend a
conference to hear. Now they’re available immediately as a download immediately
after purchase.

As you know, conferences cost a lot to attend, with air fare, hotel, and the cost of the
conference. For a very low fee, the conference comes to you!

With the audio and the transcript you will have at your fingertips many resources that will
help you on your journey writing to save your life and learn about how writing
helps to heal traumas, both emotional and physical, from your past, putting you
on the path to peace, happiness, and fulfillment. And ultimately, forgiveness.

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Dr. James Pennebaker’s research about the power of writing to heal trauma
and unresolved emotional problems has been the focus of articles, blogs, books,
and writing conferences for over a decade. Linda Joy Myers, a therapist for
thirty years, could see from her years of journaling and therapy that writing
helped to heal, but when she found affirmation through a research article
published in the Journal of the American Medical Association she had to share
this good news with a larger audience through her own work. The most unusual
news from the research was not only did writing help people resolve emotional
issues, it had a positive effect on diseases such as asthma, arthritis, and
chronic fatigue syndrome. In the first audio/transcript, Myers and Pennebaker
talk about his research and Myers’s work with writers.

Kathleen Adams has spent most of her professional life exploring how journal writing helps to develop the Self and heal the past through her Center for Journal Therapy. Recently, she created the Therapeutic
Writing Institute, where she trains writers to go deep into their self-exploration through various writing techniques and become certified to do this work with others. Myers, author of The Power of Memoir and the founder of the National Association of Memoir Writers, and Adams explore the depths of
transformation and healing that are possible through writing. Linda Joy teaches  a course at TWI every year.

Marin Nemat, who grew up in Tehran, was given a death sentence at the age of 16, and imprisoned for over two years in the Evin prison. She was beaten and forced to marry one of her guards. When she was finally released, she tried to move into a normal life, only to find herself plagued by nightmares and sensations she couldn’t explain—which she discovered were her body’s way of crying for help. Out of desperation, she began to spill out her story in secret, which began a powerful healing process for her. Nemat and Myers, who has worked with trauma victims for many years, talk about Nemat’s healing journey, her empowerment, and the techniques that helped to heal Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD).

Dr. James Pennebaker with Linda Joy Myers, audio and PDF transcript

The Use of Writing in Healing Past
Traumas- How to Know when to Write and When to Stop Writing

Dr. Pennebaker, world-famous psychologist, talks about how expressive writing—writing true
experiences with emotional content– creates positive changes in the immune system and promotes the healing of trauma. The topics on the audio include how expressive writing has been used to inform physical and medical healing and the techniques that help to heal trauma and emotional upset. This information helps memoir writers understand the ways that writing helps to transform the past.

The Power of Memoir Writing to Heal—A
Conversation between Healers Who Use Writing to Save Lives

Audio and PDF transcript

Kathleen Adams and Linda Joy Myers

Kathleen Adams, founder of The Center for Journal Therapy and the Therapeutic Writing Institute
talks with Linda Joy Myers, author of The Power of Memoir, about the ways that writing helps to heal, and how writing a memoir makes a difference in resolving past issues in the family. The 8 steps in the Power of Memoir provides a guide to find your themes, weave the dark and light stories, and bypass the inner critic. You learn about plot and structure, and the steps needed to publish a successful memoir. It’s a memoir writing course in a book.

Marina Nemat

Healing the Trauma of Prison and PTSD
through Writing

Audio and PDF transcript

Marina Nemat is the author of Prisoner of Tehran where she chronicles her harrowing experience as a prisoner in the famous Evin prison in Tehran. Marina tells with passion and clarity how writing her story
saved her life and helped her heal her trauma to become whole again, with a powerful voice as witness and advocate. Linda Joy and Marina discuss in detail how writing helped her to move forward from a place of silence and shame. Research has proved that writing helps to heal Post Traumatic Stress Sydrome, and Marina’s story is a real person witnessing of that process.


Member Price $39.00

Non-Member $49.00