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NAMW Provides Writers with the Resources to Launch Their Memoir

The National Association of Memoir Writers is focused on assisting you, by helping you write the truth about your life, to create a memoir that helps you share your story with the world.  For many that will mean putting unresolved conflicts behind you, healing past wounds, and finding meaning, value, and inspiration for your life.

What is my truth—and what will happen if I tell it?

Often when writers start out on their journey of mining their memories, they wonder what is their “truth” and then worry about what will happen if they tell this truth.

We will encourage you to think about the memories that are hidden in the folds of your mind. How do they appear in dreams, haunt you, and invite you to take them from their hiding place? What family secrets make you desperate to find out more, those secrets that whisper the things you need to be able to know to heal the past?

Our process will have you begin with an understanding of your emotional motivation(s) for writing your memoir. Do you want to set the record straight? Are you writing looking for love, forgiveness, or revenge? Or perhaps you will write the story of your personal journey, a spiritual quest or encounters with extraordinary events or people.

Wherever your memoir writing journey takes you, we will be there offering guidance and support to you.

The following online resources are available to provide you with a framework for writing a memoir, the foundation of learning the craft, and the support to keep you going past any obstacles or hurdles you might face.  We strive to make the basis of this process available to all.  Some resources are completely free and some are available to those ready to commit to a more in-depth process.

Articles & Interviews

Read the latest articles and our interviews with a variety of memoir writing experts and authors.

Coaching for Writers

For in-depth memoir writing skills, work with Linda Joy Myers and move toward completion and publishing!

Workshops & Classes

Learn from a variety of NAMW workshops and classes, from roundtables to teleseminars to virtual conferences.

Virtual Book Club

A once a month meeting with other authors like you, “regular people” who had the passion and motivation to write and publish their book! Learn how they dealt with challenges like the inner critic and family, dug deep to write their truths, and published their book

Other Resources

View other memoir resources from NAMW, including videos, legal & ethical notes, social media suggestions and more.

10 Years of Experience Supporting Writers Just Like You!

Memoir writing is about connecting not only with your experiences and your memories, but with other people as well.  Everyone feels isolated in his or her own skin from time to time, and we all wonder if others feel like we do. By connecting our inner experience with others, we learn about ourselves and grow along the way.  At its root, it is healing for everyone.

Founded by Linda Joy Myers in January 2008, the National Association of Memoir Writers has been steadily growing and supporting memoir writers in all states of their writing.

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