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Join me on Zoom March 6, 2021 for a conference on Zoom with the St. Louis Writer’s Guild!

 I’m speaking on  TIPS FOR MEMOIRISTS—Craft, Family, and How to Get Your Book in the World

We all know that memoir is a story, not a journal, but memoirists struggle with writing their truths (what about my family), and how to use elements of craft to shape a story that others want to read. I will talk about the techniques that invite a reader to walk in your shoes, how to bypass the pesky inner critic, and how to create your story arc. Getting your book in the world—that’s a whole course, but we can touch on the trends and tools in publishing today.

I hope you can join us for a quick reminder of what we are called to do as memoirists. It’s a very inexpensive conference with lots of good speakers!

Join us on Saturday, March 6, 2021 | 9am to 4pm

Writers on Zoom

A part of the Writers in the Park Series

Calling All Writers! Online Writers Conference

Multiple Workshops
Query Letter Critiques
Pitch Sessions with Publishers

Workshops: Free for SLWG Members & $20 for Non-Members
Query Letter Critiques are $25
Two Pitch Sessions: $10 for SLWG Members & $20 for Non-Members

Publishing Series by Carla King & Linda Joy Myers

How to Sell Your Book to Bookstores, Libraries, and Online Retailers

Book Distribution and Direct Sales Basics

90 minutes on Zoom – 60 minutes and 30 minutes Q&A
$99 / $79 for NAMW Members

VALUABLE BONUSES include Carla’s Distribute Your Book online course, a $49 value.

Learn about the services that will get your ebook, print book, and audiobook out into the world. This course will prepare you for the formatting and design work you need to do to ready your book for distribution. It will get you thinking about book marketing strategies on launch day, taking advantage of the marketing programs some of the online retailers provide. For example, you’ll learn why so many authors use the exclusive Amazon KDP Select program to sell their ebook instead of “going wide” to all the ebook stores. You’ll learn about metadata, and exactly how many words and characters you are allowed to use in your book description and author bio. Book categories and keywords? BISAC codes? We’ll go there, too!

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Three Easy Ways to Grow Your Email List… And You Don’t Even Need a Website!

Monday March 1st, 2021
3 PM PST | 4 PM MST | 5 PM CST | 6 PM EST
90 minutes on Zoom – 60 minutes and 30 minutes Q&A
$99 / $79 for NAMW Members

VALUABLE BONUSES include Carla’s Build Your Platform online course, a $49 value.

You’ve heard that you need to grow your email list so you can sell your book when it launches, but how do you even start? This second course in our publishing series guides you step-by-step through a process that really works. We think you’ll even have fun with it… really!

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Publishing for Memoirists: The Steps You Need to Take to Successfully Publish Your Memoir in 2021

Feb 8, 2021 (Replay available)

Many authors believe that publishing your book independently is simply about getting your book designed, formatted, and uploaded to stores, so it’s no wonder the average self-published book sells only 200 copies. You can do better by following a proven process to find your community of readers and peers, to get your book into as many hands as possible, to build a platform, and to follow a launch plan.

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Publishing Course 1  

Everything You Want to Know About Self-Publishing but Are Afraid to Ask

Jan 25, 2021 (Replay available)

Carla King and I want to help you become a successful author. In our NAMW coaching calls and teleseminars over the last few years, I’ve noticed that there is a great deal of confusion and many questions about how to get your memoir published. Many of you have noticed that it’s nearly impossible through the traditional means—especially now that there are only three major publishing houses. That means you must find your way through the maze of self-publishing options—or is it “indie” or hybrid? Yes, there are so many questions, and we will answer them.

On this FREE call we’re going to address many of the major questions about how to decide what path you want to take. We understand that the process feels overwhelming and is fraught with potential landmines, and it’s hard to know where to start.

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Join us this spring 2021

Build Your Memoir from the Ground Up

A Craft Boot Camp for Writers with Linda Joy Myers and Brooke Warner


If there’s one thing that’s lacking in the landscape of memoir, it’s straightforward teaching about craft and how to execute your memoir project from the ground up. This spring we’re offering our most ambitious course yet because we know it’s material memoirists so desperately need. Six expert memoir teachers will guide you through structure, beginnings, scene and narration, transitions, voice and language and self-expression, and finally reflection and takeaway. If you’ve ever read a memoir and marveled at its construction, at the way the author seemed to capture all the right elements, then immerse yourself in the wonder of building your memoir from the ground up with us. Scroll down for more information about your instructors and details about each course.


With Linda Joy Myers and Brooke Warner


Write Your Memoir in Six Months offers the support, encouragement, and accountability you’re looking for to write the book that’s in your heart and ready to be on the page—and all you have to do is write one page a day! We are here to make sure that happens by providing you with structure, skill, deadlines, and community.