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If you are writing your memoir and are looking forward to publishing it—yay—that is the hoped for trajectory for your book. But when I talk to writers, as much as they want to get their book out in the world, they tell me they’re anxious about presenting a talk, about speaking in front of people.

Whether you’re going to speak in person or on Zoom, you need to feel confident about your message and excited about sharing your book. My friend and colleague Doreen Downing has been a therapist for many years and has helped people with anxiety—especially anxiety about speaking. She wrote a book and offers programs to help people get over their fears about speaking publicly. She put together a video showcasing experts in the area of anxiety about speaking, and I’m listing these resources here.

Here is Doreen’s bio and her offering. Enjoy!

Doreen Downing, Ph.D. is a Psychologist, Founder of Essential Speaking, and author of Essential Speaking: The 7 Step Guide to Your Real Voice. With individual and group coaching programs she is dedicated to helping people find their authentic voice and speak without fear. EssentialSpeaking.com


Many writers have a gift for putting words on paper but speaking their words in public is not easy. In fact, the act of standing in front of a group on a stage may be terrifying. What can be so scary speaking about a book you have already written? After all, the words are already down on the page. You’ve made it through all the writer’s blocks and can rejoice with a completed manuscript.

You’ve reached the next step in carrying your book out into the world, but anxiety holds you back.

You want to share what you’ve written so others have the opportunity to read and be inspired by you. But you hesitate.

As a Public Speaking Anxiety Coach, I’ve worked with writers who are at that point of publicly promoting their book. Whether the “stage” is an in-person bookstore event, a podcast, or a live-stream video, fear is a roadblock that comes in many forms.

This is what I hear from my clients… “I feel exposed…” “I will be judged…” “I can’t control my nerves…” “I’m going to fall apart…”

If you have these thoughts or feel this kind of anxiety about presenting in public, there are ways to overcome these roadblocks and find your voice.

Watch these 20 anxiety experts give their tips in The Anxiety Expert Showcase presented by Doreen to help speakers relax into their message and offer value and inspiration to their readers.