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Scene: The Master Tool of Memoir Writing

In this free hour-long webinar, Brooke Warner and Linda Joy Myers are tackling the single-most important element of craft you need to master to write good memoir: scene. Anyone who reads and loves memoir knows that scenes are what makes your story come alive. But it goes deeper than that, too. Good scene writing can change your and your readers’ lives. How you write your memoir, with scenes that reach out and invite your reader to experience what you lived through, is the root of transformation, and the ticket to creating a work that resonates and stays with your reader.

Key elements of scene writing include:

  1. A significant moment in time and place.
  2. Sensual details like texture, sound, visuals, and taste
  3. A weaving of narration and POV character
  4. Flashbacks and transitions
  5. A takeaway–universal experience for your reader.

Linda Joy Myers and Brooke Warner co-teach the Write Your Memoir in Six Month intensive workshops, and present other free webinars and workshops on the web. Please visit http://writeyourbookinsixmonths.com/.