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Publish Your Memoir Now! Expert Advice to get Your Book into the World – Audio Downloads


April Eberhardt

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In this illuminating workshop, Literary Change Agent April Eberhardt examines the state of publishing today along with the implications and opportunities for authors. She presents five different paths to publication, including a candid discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of each approach from an author’s perspective. Discover what hybrid publishing is, along with collaborative (also known as cooperative) publishing, and how those approaches compare to traditional and self-publishing. Learn how to choose the right path for you and your work, how to set and maintain realistic expectations, and how to develop a publishing strategy and approach that meets your goals, dreams, timetable and budget.

Participants will learn:

  • Five questions to ask yourself before embarking on your publishing career
  • Key steps in evaluating your publishing options project by project
  • Vetting publishers and freelance service providers
  • Budgeting essentials
  • Mistakes to avoid

April Eberhardt is a literary change agent and author advocate passionate about helping authors be published in the most effective and satisfying way. After 25 years as a corporate strategist and consultant, April joined the literary world. She advises and assists authors worldwide, as they choose the best pathway to publication for their work, be it indie or traditional, digital or print, and serves as a consultant to new publishing startups. April divides her time between San Francisco, New York, and Paris. She also is a reader for the Best American Short Stories series published annually by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.



Carla King

Carla King offered this special page here for NAMW about publishing information we all need to know. Thank you Carla!

Carla and I had a great conversation for the San Francisco Writing Conference about memoir. Check it out here!


Tune in for a review of easy-to-use tech tools that improve your writing, save you money, make publishing easier, and even help you market your books.

Here are the kinds of tools you’ll learn about.

  • Distraction-free writing tools to help you set goals, get down to work and finish your book one chunk at a time
  • Productivity tools to help you be more efficient and clear your mind of the clutter that creates frustration and writers block
  • Magical tools that analyze your story, writing style, and word use, including artificial intelligence to suggest improvements on your narrative and character arc
  • Formatting tools to help you create and share early reader copies, ARCs, and distribute your final files for publication
  • Tools to help you engage your audience and gather advance reviews

These tools are affordable or even free and provide tangible value when you’re writing your book, marketing your book, and publishing your book. You’ll save money on editing because you won’t be paying someone to fix the easy stuff. You won’t pay for formatting, either, because it’s already done. Most of these tools were created by authors who needed to solve their own problems with writing, editing, formatting, marketing, and publishing. These are the best in a crowded field of tools available to you, and have been tested, evaluated, and approved by an industry expert you can trust. Carla King is Founder of the Self-Publishing Boot Camp educational series of books, workshops, online courses, and coaching programs. Her Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authors is in its 4th edition and her free Consumer’s Guide for Self-Publishers is available on her website. Carla is also a travel memoirist and author of American Borders: Breakdowns in Small Towns All Around the USA and Stories from Elsewhere: Travels on Two and Three Wheels. She self-published her first book in 1995. Find her travel writing at www.carlaking.com and her self-publishing services at www.selfpubbootcamp.com.

Travel writing: www.carlaking.com
Blog, books, and services: www.selfpubbootcamp.com
Courses: www.selfpubbootcampcourses.com
Free Consumer’s Guide www.selfpubbootcamp.com/consumersguide


Brooke Warner
How Writers and Authors Can Benefit from the Independent Book Publishers Association  

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Brooke Warner, Publisher of She Writes Press and co-teacher of the Write Your Memoir in Six Months program with Linda Joy, is also the current Chairperson of the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA). She will be joining the Summit to discuss IBPA, its role in the publishing industry and value to authors, as well as the kinds of publishers and authors that IBPA supports. Writers and authors benefit inordinately from understanding the ins and outs of the publishing industry, and IBPA supports education and advocacy in its efforts to promote professional book standards and a level playing field for all independent publishers.

Join Brooke to learn:

  • What IBPA is and how it supports authors and publishers
  • Why IBPA’s primary mission is to educate authors and publishers about professional book standards
  • Why authors should know about IBPA and the value of being part of a professional association
  • Advocacy initiatives and how those help writers and authors everywhere
  • Why Brooke is so proud to be the Chairperson of IBPA and what her primary role there entails.


Brooke Warner is publisher of She Writes Press and SparkPress, president of Warner Coaching Inc., and author of Green-light Your Book, What’s Your Book?, and three books on memoir. Brooke is a TEDx speaker, weekly podcaster (Write-minded with co-host Grant Faulkner of NaNoWriMo), and the former Executive Editor of Seal Press. She currently sits on the boards of the Independent Book Publishers Association, the Bay Area Book Festival, and the National Association of Memoir Writers.  She writes a monthly column for Publishers Weekly.



Tabitha Lahr 
The Art and Craft of Book Design

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We are so grateful to Tabitha Lahr, who was able to join us at the last minute when we found out that Joel was very sick. We hope he is getting better. Tabitha is a freelance book designer, and offered us the inside scoop on her extensive experience with book design. We discussed what is involved in interior design, cover design, and fonts. She educated us on how professional booksellers assess a book in a quick glance, and what we as authors need to know if we enter into self-publishing or choose a hybrid press. Though authors do have some choices in those realms, Tabitha told us about the art and craft of design.



Sandra Beckwith Take Charge!
Be Your Own Book Publicist

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There’s no way around it: Authors need to promote their books. In-house publicists are too busy to do much more than send out review copies; self-published authors don’t have any support at all. Learn how to snag priceless online and offline media attention for your book, whether it’s been in stores for one week or 101 weeks. Take control of the conversation about your book while saving money on pricey consultants by learning how to be your own book publicist. Participants will learn:

  • The difference between advertising and publicity
  • The most common mistake memoirists make with publicity
  • How to overcome obstacles holding you back
  • The secret weapon publicists don’t want you to know about
  • 2 easy-to-create publicity tools that will take you to the top


Bio Sandra Beckwith is an author and national award-winning former publicist who now teaches authors how to save thousands of dollars by doing their own publicity, promotion, and marketing. You might have seen her on “The Montel Williams Show,” or “CBS This Morning,” or read about her in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, or USA Today. Feedspot has ranked her website, Build Book Buzz, as # 7 among thousands of book marketing blogs; it has also been named a top website for authors and writers four other times. Website: https://buildbookbuzz.com Get the “Top 5 Free Book Promotion Resources” when you subscribe to the free Build Book Buzz newsletter at https://buildbookbuzz.com/gift