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A memoir can connect you to others in a vibrant and real way—through story.

Writing a memoir helps you find your voice, tell your story, and reach out to others. You start thinking about your memories, moments that make you feel young again, wondering: what is the legacy I’m leaving behind? Find your voice and tell your story. Learn about the benefits NAMW has to offer.

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Stella Fosse – July Member Event

Stella Fosse – July Member Event

Stella Fosse
A Writer’s Perspective on Publishing Contracts
July 29, 2022
11 AM PDT | 12 PM MDT | 1 PM CDT | 2 PM EDT

Writing a memoir, publishing a memoir, and marketing a memoir require three different skill sets. Some would even call them three different jobs. Negotiating your contract is a key aspect of publishing your memoir. The first draft contract you receive from a publisher is their wish list. From there, whether you work with a literary attorney, an agent, or both, it helps to know what you want, what is important to negotiate, and what is less negotiable.

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Jill Kandel – July Virtual Book Club

Jill Kandel – July Virtual Book Club

Jill Kandel
The Clean Daughter: A Cross-Continental Memoir
July 7, 2022
4 PM PDT | 5 PM MDT | 6 PM CDT | 7 PM EDT
Every marriage is complicated, but a cross-cultural one even more so. I grew up in North Dakota and, at the age of twenty-five, married a man from the Netherlands. My new husband was an agriculturalist working with subsistence farmers. We moved to Zambia and lived a village so remote it took an eight-hour canoe ride to reach it. Our first two children were born in the village. After six years there, we moved to the highlands of Indonesia and worked with small-scale coffee farmers for three years.

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Writing for Healing

Writing stories heals body and soul and is a powerful way to integrate and change our perspective about the past.

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