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New benefit for NAMW Members!

Your new Website/Blog Home

“I sell a lot of ebooks from my website and encourage authors to set up their own stores.”

Michael A. StackpoleAmerican science fiction and fantasy author best known for his Star Wars and BattleTech books

Our website designer, Sam Baja, wants to work with memoir writers to help create an inviting website for you as a new author. On our member calls, we hear feelings of overwhelm and worry about the whole website/blog project, which as authors we are all “supposed” to take care of long before our book is done. We decided to help you out on this with a reasonably priced package that can help you solve this problem.

I have worked with Sam for ten years here at NAMW–she was our first designer! For a time, she had another job, but now is back offering her amazing design services for us here at NAMW and just redesigned our site. Have you seen it yet? www.namw.org Take a look!


Basic price for everything, including web hosting, domain name registration, building the website, and monthly maintenance for a year: $1800. You will be hosted through NAMW, and your site protected by all the powerful tools we use for our website.

You would sign up through NAMW, and work directly with Sam to design your website needs and create a web home for your writing life. As you know from all the teleseminars you’ve attended at NAMW, creating your home base as a writer is a priority, so we want to help you with it!

As long as you are an NAMW member, you will receive discounted rates for your website maintenance. Once you sign up, you will be referred directly to Sam to talk over your details. Click on the button below to sign up for this special NAMW offering.


Author Startup Package

$1,800   $1500

This website starter package is a new NAMW benefit for our members. A $2500 value.

See what's included

+ a design that’s responsive in all devices (desktop/laptop, tablets, mobile phones)

+ Up to 10 webpages, including contact forms

+ Graphic design for print and web marketing (logos, brochures, flyers, ads)

+ Malware and spam protection

+ Site Database backups

+ Up to 3 hours webmastering per month

+ Google analytics

+ Integration with Amazon and other online stores

+ Shopping cart integration (Paypal)

+ Events Calendar

+ Newsletter/Email Marketing (Mailchimp)

+ Photo gallery

+ Blog

+ Integrated Welcome Video (similar to NAMW)

+ Social Media integration & marketing support

+ Email accounts

+ Domain name registration (good for 1 year)

+ Web hosting (powered by Hostgator)

+ Offer is exclusive to NAMW members for the duration of their membership

Hosting & Domain Name Renewal


This is a continuing service from NAMW for members who have started their websites with us.

See what's included

+ Domain name renewal for another 12 months

Malware and spam protection (1 year)

+ Hosting and maintenance services (1 year)

+ Up to 3 hours webmastering services

Digital Design Services


This service is for members who already have existing websites. Valued at $500/month

See what's included

+ Good for redesigning old websites or converting them into mobile responsive sites

+ Up to 5 hours webmastering per month

+ Graphic design services for online ads and print marketing (posters, brochures, etc)

+ Social Media & Email marketing support

+ Offer is exclusive to NAMW members for the duration of their membership

Fill in the form if you’re interested in subscribing to this new special NAMW benefit. Sam will get in touch with you right away to discuss your website needs!

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