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Become a NAMW Affiliate

Earn bonuses and perks when you join the NAMW Affiliate Program

Thank you for your interest in being an affiliate for the National Association of Memoir Writers! We pay affiliates 50% of sales generated for our membership fee, with the ongoing price of $149 for a year of benefits. When you generate ONE registration for the event, we will gladly grant you membership access for our monthly events. (Be sure to send an email to request complimentary registration after you’ve generated one or more sales.)

We use the E-junkie.com eCommerce solution, so you will receive an email notification for each sale that you generate. Payments are sent out the week after the conference is completed.

Note: Sales copy and images for the event are below (scroll down).

How to Sign Up

  1. Sign up for the affiliate program here:
  2. If you are not already logged into E-junkie, this will take you to E-junkie’s login/ registration page where you can:
    Log into your existing E-junkie account;
    Register for a new account if you don’t have one. (There are no fees for being an affiliate.)
  3. If you registered a new account, go to Edit Profile:
    • Type the PayPal Email where you want to receive commission payments;
    • Type Your Name or Business Name;
    • Provide other optional information;
    • Click Apply to save changes.
  1. The Your Affiliate Programs menu lists the affiliate programs you have previously joined. If you don’t see National Association of Memoir Writers or you don’t see the affiliate menu at all, please click on this link again (while you’re logged in to the site):

You should then see the following:


examples of screen shots here