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Memoir Writing Articles & Tips

Memoir writers are always looking for new ways to capture their stories, to find the fine threads to pull at the beginning that will lead them to the core of their story. We all need inspiration, craft skills, and thought provoking articles. Listed here are some articles to enhance your skill building. I hope they are helpful to you!

journals13 Reasons to Write a Healing Memoir

You may not “plan” to write a healing memoir, but as we all know through writing, putting our feelings and experiences on the page creates new perspectives and positive change. This list of reasons can help keep up your motivation to write!

Memoir Turning Points   I teach this “turning point” method in all my workshops and classes. Especially if you are not an “outliner” –and many of us are not–you need a way to get to the major points you want to remember and write about in your memoir. Using the turning point list, then writing from these points can help you write your memoir all the way through. You may keep adding turning points as you remember them.

writing workshop beachMining Your Memories 

All of us need help to remember the details that make up a great memoir. We are literally “mining” them as we go deep into our memory banks. Keep track of your new memories on your iPhone or record a new memory, or email yourself!

Plot, Structure, and Theme in Your Memoir Finding structure is one of the most challenging things in writing a memoir. After all–all this stuff “happened” to us–but that isn’t enough to create a plot. This article will give you some tips on how to think about creating the structure of your memoir.

Secrets, Lies, and Scandals-Issues with Truth and Family Family! This is such a fraught issue with memoir writers! I advise a first draft where you get everything out but keep it private while you sort through family issues. Read more to see what can help you with your memoir.

Tell the Story–Memoir and Personal Essay Writing

A memoir is a story–not a journal entry. We all need to hone the skills of storytelling as we write our memoir.

What Makes a Scene 

Scenes are the building blocks of story writing. Learn what creates a good scene–and you are a long way toward getting your memoir done.

Witnessing and Self-Nurturing in Memoir Writing 

Writing a memoir can be stressful! And it can be immensely healing and validating–the writing will teach us things we thought we knew, but forgot. And we need to take good care of ourselves when writing a memoir. Learn more about those techniques in this article.

Writing to Heal Balancing the Light and Dark Stories