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How to Kickstart Your Memoir

How to Kickstart Your Memoir—a Self-Guided Course

kickstart-your-memoir-cover$49.00 for the 4-week Course


$89.00 for the 4-week Course with email feedback from Linda Joy Myers

This 4 week course will get you started writing your memoir. Here’s a broad overview of the course.

Lesson One: Getting Started
Lesson Two: What’s It All About—Finding Your Theme
Lesson Three: Necessary Elements in Memoir
Lesson Four: Structuring Your Memoir

This self-guided course leads you from your desire to write a memoir to building the skills to get started writing right away. You learn what a memoir is, how to think about themes, how to write compelling scenes, and how to develop your structure. In less than four weeks, you will have a plot and an outline for your book, and scenes you can develop as you start to write. If you like to work at your own pace and take time to develop your ideas, this course will help you learn writing skills and achieve your goals.

In each lesson, writing prompts help you develop your ideas and gets you to start writing.

This course is sent to you via email. One lesson a week for four weeks. If you purchase the feedback option, you can email Linda Joy your prompts and she will give you feedback.