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Private coaching/mentoring at $125/hour

If you’d like to get acquainted with me about how we might work together on your book, a single session can help you figure out if we are a fit. Or you may know what kind of help you need, and want to get some focused feedback. I could review some pages, discover your story arc, and help you plan the next stages of your book. You might have  a specific problem you’re having with your writing, and need an experienced writer’s point of view. Sometimes memoir writers get stuck in the inner critic voices, and need to talk it through to get to the next stage. You can let me know how we can best use the hour.

Private coaching/mentoring at $300 for 3 sessions

A memoir is a story of transformation and change–but as a writer, we realize that we are exposing a great deal about our private selves. Will that silence you? It doesn’t have to!

In three sessions, we can meet on the phone for an in-depth consultation about your work–the craft and the psychological journey of writing a memoir. Let me know what kind of  skills and support you need to  develop your project, and create success for yourself as a writer and author. You set the agenda for the call–it helps to make a list your questions and the issues where you need the most help. You might want someone to read through a first draft, look at your outline, or have me read a few pages to assess your themes, structure, and voice. Contact me to set up a time to talk!

Premier Coaching Package at $595 for 6 sessions

In these six sessions, we work on the craft of writing a memoir, and talk about the process–emotionally and mentally–that is part of writing a long work. A session is 1/2 hour reading and commenting on your work using the edit program in Word, and  the 1/2 hour phone consultation. I offer homework assignments and deadlines. This kind of structure keeps you on track and gives you accountability. With accountability, you will get your writing done!