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NEW IN 2017

Our 30 Day Memoir Writing Course


When you write a memoir, you embark upon a journey from idea and memory to words on the page.  Our 30 Day Memoir Writing Challenge has been designed to assist you.  You might want to draw from journals or family genealogy or unearth the family photo album. As you begin, you will likely wonder how much of your truth to tell, what’s essential to include and what isn’t. Your memoir may be focused on topics you’d like to share with the world, humorous or serious, inspiring or informative. The theme and tone of your memoir will evolve as you begin to write. The most important thing is to start right away!


Our 30 Day Challenge will help get started or give you a boost when you’ve gotten stuck along the way. Writing your memoir is an act of courage, an encounter with imagination and memory, and a way to build a bridge from the past to the future. Experience the power of writing your memoir now. Pick up the pen, and listen to that voice inside you.


Expected launch date November, 2017.