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May—what a beautiful time of year! Spring has arrived and the flowers are bursting out everywhere. May is also a time of remembrance, and this year many of us want to not only honor those who died or were wounded in battle but also the innocent people whose lives have been cut short by violence and war all over the world.

But we writers can change the world and make an impact through writing and sharing our stories, and opening windows into a universal experience life—how it is lived, how problems and tragedies are healed. Each story is a lesson, a guide to others as they deal with the ups and downs of life, the joys and the sorrows, inspiration and wisdom.

And this is an opportune time to think about family legacies and the stories we want to pass down to the generations to come. After all, if you don’t tell your story and the story of your ancestors, who will?

At NAMW, we celebrate remembering families and the important moments that shape our lives by offering our Memorial Day sale for a yearlong membership. We want to inspire and support you to write your family story, and capture the meaning and moments you experienced. Your story will inspire others to explore the meaning of their own transformational journey. We offer many different resources to help you with your writing projects.

There are many benefits to becoming a member—archives of audios, essays, and teaching materials for you to draw from. And most of all we offer three live programs each month!

NAMW members join our live Member Events on Zoom which brings everyone together in intimate conversation. Inspiring experts familiar with the path of writing and publishing a memoir share their knowledge about craft, the inner critic, writing about family, and ways to write the truth. There is information about journaling, creating podcasts, how to learn to enjoy sharing your stories on social media, and how to market your book—and more.

Group coaching is a live once a month Zoom event for members—a conversation that ranges from each writer discussing their writing projects and goals to getting tips and resources from Linda Joy and the other members. NAMW members say that they enjoy the open and rich discussions, and value updating everyone about the progress of their writing, publishing goals, and more.    

Every month the LIVE Virtual Book Club meets to celebrate “regular people” who wrote a memoir and who share their published book and their path to publishing. They discuss the resources that helped them complete their book, and find a publisher and an audience. Many who appear in the club discussion are former students and newly minted memoir writers who went all the way from beginner to published author!   

Learn more about our many member benefits here.

This weekend only, May 25th – May 27th, you can join NAMW as a new member for only $169 $139 or renew your membership for only $159 $129.  This is a full $30 off our usual fee.  You will immediately be able to download our digital gifts and welcome package.    


Everyone who signs up receives the transcript and audios for What Made Inheritance a Bestselling Memoir.

What Made Inheritance a Bestselling Memoir?
This 4-week course focuses on what memoirists can learn from Dani Shapiro’s take on writing what you know, circling your obsessions, and finding your truth in your unique voice. We will focus on the power of universal writing, supporting your reader to feel and experience your story as their own, and how to weave narration (and narrative voice) between the past and the present.


This weekend only, May 25th-May 27th, you can join NAMW as a new member for only $169 $139 or renew your membership for only $159 $129.  This is a full $30 off our usual fee.  You will immediately be able to download our digital gifts and welcome package.

Want to learn more about what NAMW has to offer?   Read about NAMW member benefits here.

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