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Amy Ferris

Breaking Through the Silence

May 17, 2024
11 AM PDT | 12 PM MDT | 1 PM CDT | 2 PM EDT

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What is it that holds us back from Writing our truth? What keeps us silent … when every fiber in our being is telling us to share our story, stories? Are we afraid of hurting someone’s feelings? Are we afraid of stepping out of the proverbial closet and baring our souls, our messy magnificent souls? Writing our truth – releasing the words lodged in our body – is so very cathartic. ‘Giving birth’ to our stories – the stories we keep safely hidden and out of view – those are the very stories we need to birth, the stories we need to ignite and send out into the world. Setting ourselves free from the burden of holding onto the guilt and the shame and the self-loathing that wasn’t even ours to own. Writing/Righting our truth not only saves us, but yes, it most certainly saves others. The stories we need to tell, the words we must share and the books we need to write.

You will learn about:
1) Getting the words out of our bodies and onto the page.
2) Honoring our life experiences vs. shaming us
3) Turning our mistakes into our mission.
4) Recalibrating – writing through the darkness.
5) What I need to say/write vs. what they need to hear/read

Amy Ferris is an author, a writer, a screenwriter, an editor and a playwright. Her memoir, Marrying George Clooney, Confessions From a Midlife Crisis (Seal Press) was adapted into an Off-Broadway play in 2012. Amy has written for both the small screen (TV) and the big screen (Feature Films). As an editor, she curated the anthology Shades of Blue, Writers on Depression, Suicide and Feeling Blue (Seal Press), and co-edited the anthology, Dancing at the Shame Prom (Seal Press). She co-authored Old School Love (HarperCollins, 2020) with Rev Run of RunDMC fame. Amy serves on a variety of advisory boards supporting women and the Arts.

In 2019 she was named one of Women’s eNews 21 LEADERS FOR THE 21st CENTURY, in 2021 she was a recipient of NextTribe’s The 12 Women Who Changed the World, and in 2022, Amy was awarded and honored as the Inspirational Woman in Media.  

Her new memoir, Mighty Gorgeous – A Little Book About Messy Love, is published by SheWritesPress.

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