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David Bishop
Sing, Dance, Laugh, Cry
A memoir of grief, loss, despair, and soul-searching travel

A baby boomer kid, a good student-athlete with good, caring parents, grows up in a segregated small town along the Delaware River in Southern New Jersey. He graduates with honors and a degree in American Studies from Temple University, but without a career focus, and begins working as a newspaper editor in South Jersey before suddenly deciding to move to California with his girlfriend. Nine years later he moves to Hawaii and begins a 27-year career as a reporter for the Island of Hawaii’s largest newspaper, marries his long-time companion, and they have two children. During that time both his parents died of cancer in California where they had moved to be near his family, and his only brother died a few years later of the same cancer that killed their father, supposedly a rare cancer. He sorely grieves their deaths, and feels intense grief believing that he neglected them in their greatest time of need. Before retiring, he was fired from his job at the newspaper for performing his legal role representing union employees in the workplace and spent seven tumultuous years in court before winning back his job with pay. However, the stress and pressure of the lawsuit led in large part to the failure of his marriage. His children had begun their own lives elsewhere, and he was living alone at home with worsening emotional problems and a growing substance abuse problem, wondering the worst about what he might do next, until an epiphany at home while watching TV led to his decision to travel.

Within eight months, he gave the house to his ex-wife, finalized their divorce, sold almost everything he had, and began a seven-year journey through 39 countries over six continents, seeking adventure, healing, and redemption.

He found much of what he set out to find, but ill health from bad habits caught up to him. In 2019, two months before his 68th birthday, he was diagnosed with early stages of Cardio Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, one of the deadliest lung diseases in the world.

Yet with strength and determination, he continued to travel, completing his journey in December 2023, and moving back to the United States, where he has regained his health, married again, and enjoys his new life with renewed vigor.

David Hunter Bishop is a world traveler and former newspaper editor and reporter in New Jersey, California, and Hawaii. Born in 1951 in Camden, New Jersey, he attended the United States Naval Academy and graduated with honors from Temple University in 1975. A Solas Travel Writing awardee, he has been interviewed twice by The Nomadic Network website, and by author James Ritchie for the Sarawak (Malaysia) Tribune. His work has appeared in The Nomadic Network, GoNomad, Rad Season, and Expat Focus. He now lives in Brick, New Jersey with his wife, Iona Conner, and he is currently writing a memoir.

Website: realontheroad.com

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