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Are you writing a memoir? I founded the National Association of Memoir Writers to help memoir writers connect to resources and community and share their journey. We’re happy to offer live events three times a month and other resources to help you to capture and preserve your special moments.  

We love encouraging you in your creative writing life and support you to write and publish the stories that offer a legacy and contribute to the conversations and insights of our times. It’s important for us to write about what is happening in our lives. “Truth is stranger than fiction!”   

We are offering you the same super low prices that we do every year during this time! This year, new memberships are just $169 $99 and membership renewals are $159 $97. 

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 Every year we offer deep discounts and new benefits for our members. We hope you can join us for our programs and draw upon our resources for your memoir journey. Read on to learn more about what we’re offering this year. And while you’re shopping, think of how to begin your story today! List 5 important moments and write about each one. There—you have begun! 

 We hope you will take advantage of our Cyber Monday Sale that is going on now.  Our sale will end on Monday, November 27th at midnight.   

This year, new memberships are just $169 $99 and membership renewals are $159 $97.  

New Membership – $99Renewal – $97


Cyber Monday Membership Sale Giveaways  

What Made Susannah Cahalan’s Brain on Fire a Best-selling Memoir?
Linda Joy Myers and Brooke Warner
Audio and Transcripts

Brain on Fire (soon to be a major motion picture) set us on fire! This fast-paced memoir has a lot to teach memoirists about how to write what you don’t remember; the value of advocating for others through your writing; and the power memoir holds to truly change lives.  Cahalan brilliantly captures her month of madness, despite the fact that she recalls almost nothing of what happened during that time. She uses effective techniques, like dropping into the point of view of others, incorporating records and journals, and excerpting bits from video sessions. In pushing the boundaries of memoir through the use of multiple “I” narrative voices,  Brain on Fire is a valuable teaching tool to aspiring memoirists who want to better grasp the power of transformation—and how to bring your reader all the way into the story as you face your own struggles and setbacks, and areas of growth and transformation

Class 1 Writing What You Don’t Remember 
Class 2 Characterization of the Self in the Narrative Arc 
Class 3 The Power of Showing
Class 4 Takeaways and Other Devices to Create Meaning 


Memory and Freedom of Expression—How to Reignite your Inspiration
Linda Joy Myers and Brooke Warner
Videos and transcripts

Brooke Warner and I have been teaching together for over 12 years, and we’re always looking for new ways to encourage and inspire writers. While we offer courses on craft, we also think it’s important to discuss and support the emotional process of writing. We want to help writers feel the freedom to express themselves, to break out of being silenced, and to find their voice.

At NAMW we are celebrating this process by offering these videos and transcripts from a recent class about reigniting our inspiration. We know it takes a lot of inner work to write your memoir and express your deepest truths and we offer these two classes to inspire you! 


Finding Your Freedom of Expression

Most of us hesitate when we begin to write our stories, but the first step is giving ourselves permission to tell the truth, to claim our voice.  

  • Writing the truth—what repercussions are you afraid of?
  • Permission to write—tap into your inspiration
  • Find the voice that whispers in your ear
  • Working through fear
  • Confronting your What-Ifs
  • Affirmations as Antidotes against being silenced
  • Writing prompts



Many memoir writers ask: do I have enough memories to write a memoir? Others struggle with how to choose what to include. We need to think about our relationship to memory.

  • Be inspired to encounter memory
  • Strategies to help you remember
  • Tracking and mapping your memories
  • Unreliability of memory—don’t let that stop you
  • Choosing your moments from your memories
  • Writing scenes from your memory—finding meaning
  • The craft of writing vibrant scenes
  • Writing prompts


Linda Joy Myers and Brooke Warner have been teaching together for over 12 years, and offer quarterly classes and the intensive seminar Write Your Memoir in Six Months.

Learn more: http://writeyourmemoirinsixmonths.com http://magicofmemoir.com


Join or renew your membership during our Cyber Monday sale and your name will be entered into our drawing.  You could win:   

A 15 minute coaching session with Linda Joy Myers
Take advantage of one-on-one time with Linda Joy to get your memoir on the right track. Linda Joy Myers is the founder of the National Association of Memoir Writers, and has been teaching memoir for over twenty-five years. A therapist for forty-plus years, Linda weaves a deep understanding of family dynamics and the process of healing with her expertise on craft—finding the moments of meaning that reveal your truth. Linda Joy published two prize-winning memoirs, Don’t Call Me Mother and Song of the Plains, Linda Joy published her historical fiction novel The Forger of Marseille this year. The history and core story was inspired by memoirs of the era. She teaches the Write your Memoir in Six Months seminars with Brooke Warner. 

A 15 minute coaching session with Jerry Waxler
Jerry Waxler has offered to provide a free fifteen-minute session to help you strengthen your story, or develop your strategies, or address any other issue you feel would help you translate your life into a story.  Jerry Waxler teaches about how to use life story writing to awaken self-understanding, and heal from the tyranny of unresolved memory. Jerry’s blog and book Memoir Revolution celebrates this new modality for individual and collective healing. His memoir Thinking My Way to the End of the World is about his struggle to come of age during the chaotic sixties, and just as importantly, it’s about the will to find the story amid the confusing rubble of the past.

More benefits for being a member include:

  • Share your successes, writing process, and questions with other memoir writers in our NAMW Members-Only Facebook group and during the weekly Member Group Coaching. Make new friends and meet writing buddies there.
  • FREE access to Live Monthly Zoom event and FREE downloadable recordings of over 100 archived audio classes.
  • Free downloadable recordings of our past Teleconferences, with valuable topics such as “From Story to Sold! Becoming a Successful Memoir Author.” You get access to experts’ audio transcripts.
  • Special Member Discounts for Workshops, Online Classes, and Webinars
  • FREE e-Books on the memoir-writing craft by renowned authors Linda Joy Myers, Sharon Lippincott, and Jerry Waxler.
  • PDF download Memoir Writing as a Healing Journey by Linda Joy Myers, Ph.D.
  • Exposure to cutting-edge news and information from the memoir writing world.
  • Opportunities to share your successes and new publications with other memoir writers and ask questions in our NAMW Members-Only Facebook group and during the weekly Member Group Coaching

We hope you will take advantage of our Cyber Monday Sale that is going on now.  Our sale will end on Monday, November 27th at midnight.   

This year, new memberships are just $169 $99 and membership renewals are $159 $97. 


New Membership – $99Renewal – $97


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