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Back to School—Zooming at NAMW! 

The National Association of Memoir Writers  invites you to join us for a special sale and bonuses that will inspire you to write your memoir.  

From September 2nd to September 4th at midnight,  the National Association of Memoir Writers is offering $20 off the cost of an annual membership!     


$169 $149


$159 $139

The Back to School season always makes me think about freshly sharpened pencils, the smell of new books, and that new school outfit. Like many writers, I’ve always loved jumping into new classes and shopping for pens and notebooks. How about you? My new notebook is ready for more stories, and my new pen makes it fun to write by hand.

The crisp scent of autumn starts a season of new beginnings as the year turns towards winter. It’s a time to refocus and reset goals and return to your writing projects.   

Here at NAMW, we offer many opportunities to learn about the journey of writing your story, publishing, and marketing. Experts like Grant Faulkner—leader of National Novel Writing Month in November, Gina Frangello, Sue William Silverman, Jerry Waxler, Kay Adams, Martha Alderson, Mary McBeth, and Brooke Warner have been guests for our Member Events now offered on Zoom.   

New authors and writers like you, discuss their writing journey at our monthly Virtual Book Club—also on Zoom. And our Group Coaching meetings each month invite you to gather with other memoirists and talk about your themes, challenges, and progress. You’ll get advice and support from me and the group, and make new writing buddies. 

When you become a member, you have access to the downloadable audios and now videos of our events—more than 100 are in our archives. So we are going to KICKSTART our fall learning with a sale on our annual membership at the National Association of Memoir Writers! 

If you’re working on your memoir, and want to learn craft, get inspired, and have accountability for your progress, please join us. We are eager to support you to get your memoir written and published.  

To celebrate new beginnings, NAMW is offering $20 off the cost of annual membership and renewals from Saturday September 2nd through Monday September 4th!  New NAMW Memberships are  $169 $149 and renewals are $159 $139. Current and lapsed members are encouraged to take advantage of this sale!  

If you’re still unsure about joining, here are a few great reasons why it pays to be a NAMW member: 

FREE access to Live Monthly Member Events and FREE downloadable recordings of over 100 archived recordings.

Free downloadable recordings of our past Telesummits, with valuable topics such as From Story to Sold! Becoming a Successful Memoir Author, Truth and Transformation, The Power of Story, Breaking Silence.

Special Member Discounts for workshops, online classes, and webinars

The NAMW e-Book: Memoir Writing as a Healing Journey by Linda Joy Myers.

Breaking Silence–Writing Your Truth in Memoir–an eBook with discussions by Amy Ferris, Amy Friedman, Linda Joy Myers, Sue William Silverman, and Brooke Warner.

All members of NAMW are invited to sign up for the once a month laser Group Coaching sessions with Linda Joy Myers.

Opportunities to share your successes and new publications with other memoir writers and ask questions on our NAMW Members-Only Facebook group.

Special Bonuses!

Special Bonus: Video course with Linda Joy Myers and Brooke Warner: Maggie Smith’s You Could Make This Place Beautiful—a New York Times bestseller 

Brooke Warner and I decided to create a video class about the new bestseller memoir by Maggie Smith You Could Make This Place Beautiful.

Smith is a well-known poet who’s created a deep and engaging memoir that invites us to reconsider the structure and style that’s possible in memoir. We discuss how memoir has come a long way since thirty years ago when people like Mary Karr and Tobias Wolff broke open the memoir genre, and nothing has been the same since. In the video we discuss writing about family, which includes how to use distance to provide protection for family members. And we talk about the author’s voice, techniques that open up the space on the page and pacing such as including poetry and fragmented story lines. Structure is one of the most challenging elements of craft so we examine how to lay out the story, the use of quotes, musings, and white space, her use of a meta-narrative.

Join us today and receive this 45-minute video course on Maggie Smith’s memoir that rose to the top of the New York Times bestseller list! You can learn about the up-to-date and groundbreaking techniques that have everyone talking and decide how to apply them to your own memoir!

Special Bonus: What Made Inheritance a Bestselling Memoir?

 This 4-week course focuses on what memoirists can learn from Dani Shapiro’s take on writing what you know, circling your obsessions, and finding your truth in your unique voice. We will focus on the power of universal writing, supporting your reader to feel and experience your story as their own, and how to weave narration (and narrative voice) between the past and the present.

Class 1 HONORING THE STORY THAT WON’T LEAVE YOU ALONE—Obsession and unconscious awareness of truth—the “unthought known.”

Class 2 HARNESSING SELF-UNDERSTANDING IN MEMOIR—Exploring who you are, layers of self, shadow self, imagined self.

Class 3 WEAVING IN THE PAST TO MAKE SENSE OF THE PRESENT—How to use narration to weave your story—tense, memory, flashback and transitions.

Class 4 THE POWER OF UNIVERSAL WRITING-How to make your writing resonant; reflection, takeaway and finding meaning in scenes and prose.



$169 $149


$159 $139

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