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Robert W. Finertie
Grace in Time: A Memoir of Hope, Healing and Being Spared

I suffered some serious medical setbacks that were hard to face a year after my melanoma diagnosis and I learned that chemotherapy would likely help me to live many more years. Grace and my faith had kept me alive, and I’m still here! I’d like the reader to learn about my journey to health.

My book takes the reader on my journey from diagnosis to healing, with many stops along the way where I had to call upon my faith and my family to hold me up.

Grace stepped in again and spared me. In all I’ve been spared for forty-five years. That’s more than 333 million breaths I might never have taken.

All my life to this moment I had been a runner. When life got hard, I ran-literally or by dissociation. This time I learned to stay, to be a husband for Leslie, and to be a father for Holly and Heather, our twin daughters.

The author, born in New Jersey, the Garden State, now lives in California, the Golden State. He writes to discover his truth and give a voice to the unspoken broken. He loves to read Cheryl Strayed, John Galsworthy and Wendell Berry. Memoir and Poetry are favorite genres. His first book, Be A Good Boy, was published in 2018. Grace in Time was written to share what gave him hope and healing with others who have been diagnosed with cancer. Connect with him at rwfinn@comcast.net.


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