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Jodi Fodor, MFA

How a Memoir Editor Can Help You Achieve Greatness

March 24, 2023
11 AM PST | 12 PM MST | 1 PM CST | 2 PM EST 

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Despite the very personal nature of memoir, memoir writing is much more than an exercise in “I’ll write it my own way.” If a memoir writer wants to be published, s/he needs to craft a compelling story that includes some important conventions of the genre, including a logical structure, intimate narration, visible scenes, and meaningful reflections. Do you want readers to devour your book and gush about it to their friends? Of course! Then your book needs plenty of tension, excellent character development, satisfying pacing, a distinctive voice, realistic dialogue, and writing that keeps an eye on the “so what?”

Yikes! How are you supposed to manage all that?

An experienced editor will help you with all of it.

In this presentation, Jodi Fodor will describe the relationship between writer and editor and how that relationship can dramatically elevate a manuscript. 

Join us to hear about 

  • How to find a good editor (which type do you need?)
  • How to know whether it’s a fit (and how to start with a mutually appealing escape hatch in case it’s not)
  • What to expect from different types of editing (What’s the process? How much might it cost? Will there be tears? Will we become friends?)
  • The differences between coaching and editing

The presentation will answer questions like,
“At what point in the process should I bring in an editor?”
“This is my story, my voice—isn’t collaborating this way going to dilute the ‘me-ness’ of the manuscript?”
“All my writer and reader friends think my manuscript is fabulous. Shouldn’t I skip editing and go right to proofreading?”
“Can an editor find me an agent? Can she get me a book deal? Will she get any of the book’s profits?”

Tune in and bring your questions. (Adds Jodi, “If you have any great jokes about writers, bring those too.” 😅)

Jodi Fodor, MFA, is a developmental and line editor for several publishers and literary agencies (and for authors who find her out in the wild). She works in multiple genres including fiction, humor, and education (she’s the author of SAT Word Slam, which teaches vocabulary using rhyme, snarky humor, and mnemonic clues) but has a soft spot for memoir writers who “so courageously jump into the fire.” She’s been a professional writer since the age of 21 and has taught writing to students of all ages in private lessons, workshops, and university classes. Jodi posts mini lessons for writers (and welcomes conversation) on Instagram @editor.teaches.writing.

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