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New Year, New Journal
Five Ways to Jump-Start A Writing Practice in 2023
With Kay Adams, Center for Journal Therapy
January 27, 2023
11 AM PST | 12 PM MST | 1 PM CST | 2 PM EST

Every January writers—and non-writers—create intentions for their writing. And then, as with resolutions of all sorts, life happens, and best plans are set aside.

Kay Adams, founder/director of the Center for Journal Therapy, offers five time-tested tips for starting and keeping a writing practice in the new year. These simple, encouraging strategies will help you put pen to page throughout 2023 – in your journal and, perhaps as carryover, in your memoir!

We’ll talk about—

  • The power of writing small
  • How to bring fresh vitality and variety to your writing through journal rites and rituals
  • Why lowering your standards could be the most elevating action you can take
  • Three mindset shifts that bring clarity, confidence and safety to your journal practice
  • The one quality that may be the “secret sauce” of the journal – and it’s hiding in plain sight! (You’ve got this!)

An experiential 30-minute journal workshop will allow you to put some of these strategies into immediate practice! Kay has created a new journaling card deck designed to help you write—we’re going to get to see it in action!

Kathleen Adams, LPC is a licensed psychotherapist and registered poetry/journal therapist who has pioneered the field of journal therapy since 1985. She is the founder and director of the Center for Journal Therapy, a global enterprise with the mission of bringing the healing art and science of journal writing to all who desire self-directed change. Kay has authored 14 books on journal writing, including the classic Journal to the Self and its new companion, the Journal to the Self Card Deck.  You can reach her at kay@journaltherapy.com or on www.journaltherapy.com.

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