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Here at the National Association of Memoir Writers, as we do every year, we celebrate the stories that give meaning to our lives. We’re pleased to offer programs and resources to help you to capture and preserve your special moments. 

We love encouraging you in your creative writing life. We support you to write and publish the stories that offer a legacy and contribute to the conversations and insights of our times. It’s important for us to write about these unusual times. “Truth is stranger than fiction!”  

Despite inflation, and even though we had to raise our normal membership prices this year, we have decided to offer you the same super low prices that we do every year during this time! This year, new memberships are just $169 $99 and membership renewals are  $159 $97. 

Every year we offer deep discounts and new benefits for our members—and we hope you can join us for our programs and draw upon our resources for your memoir journey. Read on to learn more about what we’re offering this year. And while you’re shopping, think of how you will begin your story today! 

We hope you will take advantage of our Cyber Monday Sale that is going on now.  Our sale will end on Monday, November 28th at midnight. 

This year, new memberships are just $169 $99 and membership renewals are  $159 $97.

New Membership – $99Renewal – $97


Cyber Monday Membership Sale Giveaways  

What Made The Tender Bar a Bestselling Memoir? 

Audio and transcript of the four session course taught by Linda Joy Myers and Brooke Warner: Tender Bar. 

New York Times Bestseller The Tender Bar by JR Moehringer is beloved for its depiction of American bar culture and for its themes of social isolation, growing up fatherless, and navigating the demands of masculinity. It’s also written with the highest level of skill and charm, and the storytelling will wow you. 

In this downloadable transcript and audio package, discover what you can learn from JR Moehringer’s structure, narration, and tightly focused themes as he propels readers through his adolescence and early adulthood with adept observations and vivid language. We so loved this book, and you will too. It’s a book to enjoy first, and to learn from as you write your memoir. It’s a perfect example of seamless, vivid writing that takes you into what we call the dream of the story. 


What Made Educated a Bestselling Memoir? 

We are offering a special package of the audio and transcript of the four session course taught by Linda Joy Myers and Brooke Warner on the memoir Educated.

It’s the rare memoir that comes along and captures national attention with such intensity. Tara Westover’s Educated was published to rave reviews. It’s the story of a girl born to survivalists in the mountains of Idaho and her journey to find herself in spite of lifetime trauma and abuse. You’ll appreciate exploring the talent of writing about place, and using imagined scenes to explore the psychology of characters. All of us have to learn how to manage time in our memoir, and we teach the techniques that Tara uses to great effect.  


My Memoir Organizer Download

The best way to keep track of the stories you are writing is to organize them in a binder where you can read them like a book. Printing out your stories and reading them as they will be seen in book form is a great way to experience all your hard work and experience how others will read your story!

For Cyber Monday, we offer a newly designed cover that can fit into your binder “MY MEMOIR.”

This year’s topics include:

  • Childhood memories
  • Roots and Legacies
  • Mother
  • Father
  • Holidays
  • Love and Marriage
  • Houses
  • Secrets and Hidden Truths…
  • and more

You will receive over 90 writing prompts, a timeline, a list of dozens of memoir topics and writing tips to get you started and keep you going to “The End” of your memoir.

This year we are offering an immediate download so you can get started writing right away! Start the year with a way to organize your writing and your new inspirational prompts. 


Legal & Ethical Issues in Creative Nonfiction & Memoir
Robert Pimm

When we write a memoir, our stories reveal what happened behind the closed and private doors of personal life, which can create a lot of worry for memoir writers, and legal questions and issues you as the writer/author will need to solve. This teleseminar with literary attorney Robert Pimm will help to give you the tools to understand how to protect yourself and those you write about in your story.

Learn about libel, defamation of character, slander, and other legal problems inherent in memoir writing which can help you to make better choices for yourself. You will learn when it’s a good idea to contact a literary attorney for specific advice.


Join or renew your membership during our Cyber Monday sale and your name will be entered into our drawing.  You could win:  

A 15 minute coaching session with Linda Joy Myers
Take advantage of one-on-one time with Linda Joy to get your memoir on the right track. Linda Joy Myers is the founder of the National Association of Memoir Writers, and has been teaching memoir for over twenty-five years. A therapist for forty-plus years, Linda weaves a deep understanding of family dynamics and the process of healing with her expertise on craft—finding the moments of meaning that reveal your truth. The author of two prize-winning memoirs, Don’t Call Me Mother and Song of the Plains, Linda Joy teaches Write your Memoir in Six Months with Brooke Warner. 

A 15 minute coaching session with Jerry Waxler
Jerry Waxler has offered to provide a free fifteen minute session to help you strengthen your story, or develop your strategies, or address any other issue you feel would help you translate your life into a story.  Jerry Waxler teaches about how to use life story writing to awaken self-understanding, and heal from the tyranny of unresolved memory. Jerry’s blog and book Memoir Revolution celebrates this new modality for individual and collective healing. His memoir Thinking My Way to the End of the World is about his struggle to come of age during the chaotic sixties, and just as importantly, it’s about the will to find the story amid the confusing rubble of the past.


More benefits for being a member include:

  • FREE access to Live Monthly Teleseminars and FREE downloadable recordings of over 100 archived Teleseminars
  • Free downloadable recordings of our past Telesummits, with valuable topics such as “From Story to Sold! Becoming a Successful Memoir Author.” And you get access to some of the experts’ teleseminar transcripts.
  • Special Member Discounts for Workshops, Online Classes, and Webinars
  • Receive three FREE e-Books on the memoir-writing craft by renowned authors Linda Joy Myers, Sharon Lippincott, and Jerry Waxler.
  • PDF download of the NAMW e-Book: Memoir Writing as a Healing Journey by Linda Joy Myers, Ph.D.
  • Exposure to cutting-edge news and information about the memoir-writing field
  • Opportunities to share your successes and new publications with other memoir writers and ask questions on our NAMW Members-Only Facebook group and Member Group Coaching


We hope you will take advantage of our Cyber Monday Sale that is going on now.  Our sale will end on Monday, November 28th at midnight. 

This year, new memberships are just $169 $99 and membership renewals are  $159 $97.

New Membership – $99Renewal – $97


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