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Mary McBeth

Get Discovered in Literary Magazines

June 17, 2022
11 AM PDT | 12 PM MDT | 1 PM CDT | 2 PM EDT

Get discovered by publishers, agents and potential readers. Promote your memoir on autopilot, and establish your literary reputation. Struggling to write? Test your work, get rid of self-doubt, and grow as a writer, by submitting and publishing essays, book excerpts,  to Literary Magazines.

Social Media is often considered crucial to your author platform. But social media is not the only way to build platform. Essentially, a platform is your contribution to the larger literary community. And there are many ways to contribute as a memoir writer and draw attention to your work.

One such way is by placing your writing in as many places as possible that will function as breadcrumbs leading back to your book, website, or social media pages. This is where magazine publishing comes in. Magazine publishing can seem intimidating at first, but you should know there are hundreds of literary magazines, and many, like Memoir Magazine, are open to all voices and stories and to all levels of writers.

In this talk you will learn:

  1. Why you should submit small portions of your book to literary magazines and how to do it.
  2. The difference between Full-length and Short-form memoir
  3. How to turn your “left over” writing snippets into promotional pathways for your book and build your writing platform without blog posts and social media.
  4. How to make your work interesting to book publishers, magazine editors, and potential readers. What they are (and are not) looking for, and why.
  5. How to become a better writer and grow your network by contributing to the larger writing community.

Founded in 2017 Memoir Magazine, provides equal opportunity for all voices and stories and is open to all levels of writers. Memoir Magazine supports writers through publication, contests, educational workshops, and advocacy.

Submissions of up to 3000 words are accepted all year at: https://memoirmag.com/submit/

The Annual Memoir Prize awards Memoir and Creative Nonfiction book-length works of exceptional merit in the categories of traditional, self-published, and previously unpublished prose.https://memoirmag.com/literature/the-memoir-prize-for-books/

Memoir University Opens Registrations for New Workshops from July 2022: https://memoirmag.com/education/

Memoir magazine is currently accepting submissions for our first anthology: Black Memoirs Matter: The Anthology. Click here to find out more!

The founder and editor-in-chief of Memoir Magazine, Mary McBeth has worked as an editor for 9 years. With a background in counseling, art, and marketing, Mary started Memoir Magazine five years ago as a platform for writers and everyday people with great stories to tell, providing equal opportunity for all voices and stories and open to all levels of writers.  She is the creator of the annual Memoir Prize for Books, the #MeToo Essay Award, and is currently compiling, “Black Memoirs Matter: The Anthology.” Mary’s short-form memoirs and personal essays have appeared or are forthcoming in Cobalt Review, *82 Review, Argot Magazine, Awakened Voices, and others. She is currently writing her debut memoir, “Perfect,” about our definitions of beauty, as told through her 12 years working as a fashion model in Italy. Obsessed with memoir, you can see the inside of her mind at www.MemoirMag.com, where she curates art and stories that need to be told. She lives with her husband in the Writingest State, also known as North Carolina.

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