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Evelyn LaTorre
Love in Any Language
March 10, 2022
4 PM PST | 5 PM MST | 6 PM CST | 7 PM EST

My developmental editor suggested I end my first book, Between Inca Walls, with my marriage to Antonio in Cusco, Peru. But I’d written two chapters past that point, and I thought: What do I do with these extra chapters? I’d developed a love of writing about my life, so I just kept writing. But I had few resources I could use to jog my memory of the early days of marriage, work, and child-rearing.

Readers of my first book (also published by She Writes Press) asked: “What happened after the wedding?” Writing another memoir helped me analyze how my life changed after returning from Peru. Because these were busy, stressful, and often turbulent times, I had no time to keep journals. But I found other resources that led me to see the joys and challenges of that 30-year period.

Writing Love in Any Language was totally different than penning my first book—emotionally and practically. For Between Inca Walls, I felt the rush of falling in love at age 22 and the adventure of travel in intriguing Peru. Even the journey to publication was different—Inca Walls took me 14+ years to publish; Love in Any Language, took one year. For Love…,I had to probe into painful episodes of balancing marriage, child rearing, education, and career in the 1970s and 80s—in the somewhat less exotic but still exciting, San Francisco Bay Area. Listeners can learn as I did to–

  • Follow your heart and take risks in life and you will be surprised.
  • Increase your knowledge of other cultures and you can learn about your own country and yourself.
  • Look to other resources If you don’t have journals to recall your past
  • Find the essential ingredients of a long-term marriage
  • Be amazed by the changes for women have experienced in the past 50 years


Evelyn’s first published book, Between Inca Walls, about coming of age while serving in the Peace Corps, was awarded the 2021 Peace Corps Experience prize. It won a first place Hearten Award from Chanticleer International Book Awards and a five-star rating by Readers Favorite. Her second memoir, Love in Any Language, has garnered similar praise and has numerous 5-star reviews on Amazon. Evelyn is often a featured podcast guest, lecturer, and presenter on topics such as how and why to write your memoir and the ingredients of a successful marriage. Evelyn enjoys speaking to book clubs and professional groups. Her writing has appeared in the California Writers Club Literary Review, World View Magazine, The Sanctuary Magazine, Women Writers, Women’s Books, Dispatches, Conscious Connection and Storeybook Reviews, to name a few. Check out her website, evelynlatorre.com, to read her publications and hear her podcasts.

Evelyn holds a doctorate in Multicultural Education and in 2002 concluded 32 years as a school psychologist and special education administrator in public education. The years since have been filled with travels to over 100 foreign countries with her husband. She and her family visit Peru often and have spent a year in Italy. She is currently writing a book about her adventures abroad. At home, Evelyn keeps busy as a member of numerous local civic groups and walking around Lake Elizabeth in Fremont where she lives.

Social media sites:
Website   www.evelynlatorre.com
Facebook  Evelyn Kohl LaTorre and Evelyn Kohl LaTorre, Author
Instagram  @evelynkohllatorre

To buy her books go to her website or Amazon


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