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Wild Ride: Women’s Stories, Life Lessons and You 
To be published in May 2022

Kathy Klaus has a lifelong love affair with stories: the fish that jumped into the boat; the popcorn maker that caught on fire at the trade show; the priest’s bowler hat, covered in fluff and fuzz that was finally found under the sofa.

In response to a project assignment at the Humor Academy, and inspired by a whimsical sculpture called Wild Ride, women were invited to share a memory from any event or stage of their life. Fifty-five guest Storytellers responded with authentic stories and life lessons that cover a cornucopia of topics from city to farm, travels abroad and everyday family life.

Flowing from the stories, the Surrounded by Story Retreat component of this book is a reimagined view of what could be—a treasury of real-life stories combined with an opportunity for the Reader to consider their own memories and jot their jottings. It was born from the realization that our lives are made of stories from which we can benefit when we more closely integrate them into our lives. The art of remembering is a curious interplay of memory, emotion and science, continually being studied in an evolving field. When stories are recalled, often the traumatic, emotionally charged memories spring to mind immediately; positive ones often need to be coaxed. This retreat focuses on nurturing positive memories, the ones that we want to enjoy in the years to come.

Four Keynote Presentations illuminate the relationship of story, memory, emotion and gratitude and provide the condensed results of research, personal account and commentary. Combined with the insightful stories from our guest Storytellers, each presentation ends with a Breakout Room that offers opportunities for the Reader to record their own thoughts and emotions, and flow with their own story.


Humour Academy
Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor


Kathy Klaus is a lover of stories—everyday anecdotes, travel escapades, and finding the funny wherever it lives. With a background in social work and the spirit of an entrepreneur, she attracts connection and seeks out innovation.  She is energized by bright-eyed children, smiling golden retrievers, and salmon fishing.   Well traveled, her open mindedness has led business ventures and personal adventures. A Certified Humor Professional, Kathy lives in Alberta with her husband, and enjoys regular visits to New York sharing madcap activities with her grandchildren.

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