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Kay Adams
Raise Your Hand If You’re Not Burned Out
January 28, 2022
11 AM PST | 12 PM MST | 1 PM CST | 2 PM EST 

As we lean into the third year of COVID, who among us isn’t feeling burned out? Burnout is typically associated with workplace stress and overwhelm. But even people who love their jobs can get burned out, and as we know from two years of pandemic, just getting through daily life can result in burnout. How is burnout affecting your writing life?

Help is on the way! Drawing from Kay Adams’ latest book, Journal Therapy for Overcoming Burnout, we’ll explore writing prompts that facilitate mindset shifts, call you into observation of your behavioral patterns and empower you to care for your own health and well-being. Bring your journals and write your way into clarity!

You will learn:

  • The markers of burnout
  • Six lenses through which to view burnout
  • How creating a “mindfulness pantry” can help you sustain energy and focus in your writing practice
  • How to identify  your “superpower” — which is likely hiding in plain sight! — and apply it to your memoir writing
  • And more — please join us!

Kathleen (Kay) Adams, LPC is an old friend of NAMW and a psychotherapist who has pioneered the field of journal therapy since 1985. She is the author of 14 books on writing and healing, including the classic Journal to the Self (1990) and Journal Therapy for Calming Anxiety (2020). Kay’s latest passion project is Journalversity, a fully on-line school offering personal growth journal courses taught by masters in the field.

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