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Eric Maisel

How “Redesign Your Mind” Techniques Can Help You Write Your Memoir

November 19, 2021
11 AM PST | 12 PM MST | 1 PM CST | 2 PM EST

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Writers are faced with many predictable challenges, among them resistance to writing, self-censorship, a fear of exposure, trouble organizing large amounts of material, and difficulties finding the right organizational scheme for their book. All of these challenges are eased if you make your mind a more congenial writing retreat. Learn how to do exactly that in this workshop led by Eric Maisel, widely regarded as America’s foremost creativity coach and author of 50+ books whose latest, Redesign Your Mind, describes simple techniques for improving your inner landscape.

The idea that you are what you think has concerned philosophers from Marcus Aurelius to the Buddha. Today, this age-old message is delivered via cognitive-behavioral therapy. Dr. Maisel moves cognitive change a giant step forward by describing the room that is your mind and how human consciousness is experienced there. The room that is your mind is a space that you can decorate, air out, furnish, and turn into a truly congenial place for thinking and writing. By practicing easy-to-understand visualization exercises, writers can more easily handle challenges like getting emotionally stuck, weathering the realities of the creative process, and completing projects. Dr. Maisel’s simple “redesign your mind” techniques can make a profound difference in a writer’s life. Come learn more!

Writers will learn how “redesign your mind” techniques can help with:
+ Breaking through resistance to writing and creative blockage
+ Helping with the mood swings that accompany writing
+ Dealing with the anxiety that threads through the creative process
+ Reducing self-censorship, leading to freer writing
+ Reducing self-criticism and the sting of criticism
+ Create powerful daily rituals that keep the writing going

Eric Maisel, a retired family therapist and active creativity coach, is the author of 50+ books and developer of the philosophy of life known as kirism. His latest book is Redesign Your Mind: The Breakthrough Program for Real Cognitive Change.

Dr. Maisel, widely regarded as America’s foremost creativity coach, has written extensively on the challenges of the creative life. His books in this area include Fearless Creating, Coaching the Artist Within, Creative Recovery, The Van Gogh Blues, and Mastering Creative Anxiety.

His books specifically for writers include Deep Writing, Write Mind, Living the Writer’s Life, A Writer’s Space, A Writer’s Paris, and A Writer’s San Francisco. Dr. Maisel leads workshops for writers online and around the world in locations like London, Paris, New York, San Francisco, Dublin, Rome and Prague and writes the “Rethinking Mental Health” blog for Psychology Today (with 3 million views).

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