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Memorial Day Memories–What Are Yours?

The roses are blooming and at this time of year we enjoy birdsong and blossoms, shades of green, and wafting soft breezes. This year in particular we remember all those who are no longer with us. We think of what they brought into our lives, and how their memory lives within us.

Memorial Day is traditionally a time of memory, when we remember our loved ones and honor them. Last year we all had to miss the usual rituals, but this year, everyone is hoping for real hugs, family barbecues, and moments of remembering together.

It’s a time to think about family legacies and the stories we want to pass down to the generations to come. After all, if you don’t tell your story and the story of your ancestors, who will? We celebrate remembering families and stories by offering our Memorial Day sale for a year long membership to support your inspiration to write, and offer resources to help you with your project.

There are many benefits to becoming a member—archives of audios, articles, and teaching materials you can draw from. And each month we offer special membership events, live conversations now on Zoom—a gift from the pandemic that bring us all together more intimately. For these programs, we invite inspiring experts who are familiar with the path of writing a memoir, and who can share their professional advice—from how to begin your memoir to how to find an editor and publisher. And everything in between—craft skills, the process of dealing with the inner critic and family, and how much truth to reveal in your story.

Each month we offer the live Virtual Book Club discussion where regular people share their book, how they became inspired to write it, and how they chose their publishing path. During our monthly NAMW member group coaching we discuss each person’s writing progress and come up with resources to help solve the challenges that arise for all of us.

We’d like to see you on our NAMW Facebook group! Tell us what you’re writing and reading, the new skills you’ve developed, and what is happening in your writing life. Make sure to connect with us on our Facebook page as well so that you can follow important NAMW updates!


This weekend only, May 29th – May 31st, you can join NAMW as a new member for only $149 $119 or renew your membership for only $139 $109.  This is a full $30 off our usual fee.  You will immediately be able to download our digital gifts and welcome package.

Everyone who signs up receives one of the New York bestseller classes I teach with Brooke Warner: 

New membership: $149, now $119

Renewal: $139, now $109

What Made The Tender Bar a Bestselling Memoir?
This 4-week course focuses on what memoirists can learn from J.R. Moehringer’s structure, narration, and tightly focused themes as he propels readers through his adolescence and early adulthood with adept observations and vivid language that hold lessons for memoirists of all stripes.

This course includes the following classes:

Class 1: HOW TO CREATE A “STRUCTURAL DREAM” FOR YOUR MEMOIR—what The Tender Bar has to teach us about the power of linear structures and tightly woven themes.

Class 2: THE ROMANCE OF PLACE—how to paint a picture that enchants your reader.

Class 3: CHARACTER/ CHARACTERIZATION—making your reader fall in love with your characters—with all their charms and flaws.

Class 4: NARRATION—using the reflective narrator to write about things a younger version of you did not know or could not have articulated.

If you join or renew your NAMW membership this Memorial Day weekend, you will be eligible for entry into our annual spring giveaway.

You could win:

  • A half-hour introductory coaching session with me (a $75 value)—we will give away two sessions.
  • A free copy of the transcript for Breaking Silence – one of our most popular teleseminars. (a $40 value.) 

It’s our goal at NAMW to listen to your needs and get you on track for your memoir writing journey, from first thoughts to final draft to seeking publication.  We believe in the power of telling your story and sharing it with the world. It’s life changing for you—the writer, and for your readers.

If you like to surround yourself with writers like you who are also eager to tell their story, join NAMW today!

New membership: $149, now $119

Renewal: $139, now $109

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