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Arlene Miller, The Grammar Diva
Common Mistakes in Grammar
September 18, 2020
11 AM PDT  |  12 PM MDT |   1 PM CDT  |   2 PM EDT

Grammar: What is it, anyway? Do I have to obey all the rules? How has it changed? Which rules can I ignore if I am writing memoir? Is it really important for me to all the rules?

Grammar is the words we use and the way we put them together to make sentences and paragraphs. Often, we include punctuation in the mix, and some of the biggest confusions in writing concern punctuation. The main point of writing is to communicate effectively regardless of what we are writing. The purpose of grammar is to make writing clear and effective – to get your point across to the reader in the best way possible. And while it is true that some of the rules of grammar and punctuation don’t really seem to have a point, why not do it correctly?

In this teleseminar we will discuss the two main rules of “grammar thought” and how grammar is changing. We will also talk about the rules that you can break in your writing. In addition, we will talk about these common grammar and punctuation problems:

  • Pesky pronouns – the difference among I, me, and myself
  • Who and whom – and why bother?
  • The dreaded semicolon and the 947 rules for commas
  • Apostrophe catastrophes
  • The singular they
  • Lay, lie, and other irregular verbs
  • Quotation marks with other punctuation
  • Which and that
  • Less and fewer/amount and number



Arlene Miller, also known as The Grammar Diva, is the author of 10 grammar books. Her easy-to-use and friendly grammar books clear up common grammar issues and are used by schools and colleges. She also writes the weekly Grammar Diva Blog. Arlene has worked as a newspaper editor, technical writer, freelance editor, and English teacher. Her speaking engagements include California Writers Club chapters, Bay Area Independent Publishing Association (BAIPA), College of Marin, Copperfield’s bookstore, and several Rotary and other community groups. She has taught grammar classes at College of Marin, Santa Rosa Jr. College, and several corporations. Arlene is a member of Florida Writers, Florida Authors and Publishers, Nonfiction Authors Association, Independent Book Publishers Association, and Bay Area Independent Book Publishers Association, where she served on the Board. She holds degrees in Print Media, English, and Humanities. Originally from Boston, she recently moved from Petaluma, CA to Tampa, Florida. She recently won a President’s Award for Reference Books from Florida Authors and Publishers Association for her book, To Comma or Not to Comma.







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