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June 26, 2020
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Martha Alderson
Express Yourself without Fear or Doubt

I’d like to welcome Martha Alderson to NAMW again to talk about her new book Boundless Creativity: A Spiritual Workbook for Overcoming Self-Doubt, Emotional Traps, and Other Creative Blocks, and offer us some tips on how to break through the blocks that keep us from exploring our creativity and expressing ourselves freely and without fear.

From Martha:
As you write your memoir, you’ve likely experienced moments of pure joy or a sense of higher consciousness, when words seem to pour from you. It’s also likely you’ve encountered moments of feeling stuck or blocked, being full of fear and self-doubt, or just not seeing the point. The truth is, emotions have a way of powerfully disrupting our creative flow and dismantling our inspiration. By examining how emotions affect creativity—how entangled we can become in our own negative thoughts and beliefs—we can learn to unblock channels of inspiration and reach our true creative potential.

Beginning at the intersection of creativity and emotional wellbeing, obstacles and challenges and lessons created specifically for each individual person to advance meaningful growth. We all ache to be seen and heard for our true selves and to express ourselves with inner confidence and peace.

  • Learn why we self sabotage during the creative process.
  • The underlying purpose of setbacks, obstacles and challenges.
  • How to identify and dissolve energetic blocks, and access more creativity.
  • A new way of seeing yourself and the world—with acceptance, emotional balance, and a tolerance for imperfection.

Known as the Plot Whisperer, I’ve had a lifelong passion to support women’s voices through their storytelling. With the help of the Universal Story, I invite writers to imagine themselves as the protagonist of their own story as they embark on a journey mirroring the major turning points in stories and every creative endeavor. Having undertaken the journey myself, the experience helped me better understand my own struggles and brokenness in a new light.

I share the possibility with others in my latest book, Boundless Creativity: A Spiritual Workbook for Overcoming Self-Doubt, Emotional Traps, and Other Creative Blocks. Her other books are the best-selling The Plot Whisperer, Writing Blockbuster Plots and Writing Deep Scenes, The Plot Whisperer Workbook, The Plot Whisperer Book of Writing Prompts, as well as several ebooks. Look for her historical novel Parallel Lives A Love Story (August 2020). Martha lives and writes in Santa Cruz. Learn more about Alderson on her website, and connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Youtube.

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