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November 22, 2019
11 AM PST  |  12 PM MST |   1 PM CST  |   2 PM EST
Jerry Waxler
How to Maintain the Space of “Storyteller” to Enhance your Memoir

Storywriters in past ages have been revered as keepers of the flame of hope and dreams. In modern times, we have lost that respect. So when you decide to write your memoir, you don’t have the story-telling myths to sustain your effort.

The Memoir Revolution is allowing our culture to remember the value of life experience as a source of wisdom. To enter that space, shift your self-image from an analytical frame of reference. To write your best memoir instead of looking to gatekeepers or critics, or the drudgery or frustrations, look to your sacred, or ancient relationship to your audience.

In this session, we’ll talk to therapist and memoirist Jerry Waxler about how to maintain that state of mind in order to sustain your courage and increase your creative joy through the long journey of writing your memoir.

Whether you visualize that audience as a small circle of friends, or you envision the whole world someday buying your book, seeing yourself as a storyteller can enhance the pleasure of creating your memoir and its readability when it is complete.

You will learn

  • How storytellers throughout the ages have been keepers of social wisdom
  • How a metaphor lifts you toward your own image as a storyteller
  • Why “storyteller mind” sustains your enthusiasm through the writing journey.
  • The importance of move between the character in a story and the teller of the story
  • How to appreciate and emulate the passion for entertaining and informing your future readers
  • How the storyteller frame of reference heals and balances the split between the two halves of your brain/mind
  • How to read other memoirs as if you were at a campfire – let other memoir authors hypnotize you into the storyteller-story-listener relationship.
  • How your role of a storyteller sustains motivation on the long haul
  • How your fascination with the storytelling role will enhance warm engagement with your future audience



Jerry Waxler, teacher and therapist, wrote Memoir Revolution to promote the cultural trend to read and write the stories of our lives. His blog contains hundreds of essays on the same subject. The guidebook, How to Become a Heroic Writer, offers tools to help you develop the courage and habits to write your own. His own memoir Thinking My Way to the End of the World, describes his struggle to come of age during the chaotic ’60s. He has been an advisor to NAMW for many years, Visit his site at www.jerrywaxler.com

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