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September 12, 2019
4 PM PDT | 5 PM MDT | 6 PM CDT | 7 PM EDT

Kathryn Taylor

Two Minus One: A Memoir

Two Minus One: A Memoir is a personal account of betrayal and loss in my marriage, which lead to the discovery of untapped inner strength, enlightenment, renewal, and a triumphant new beginning.

My story began with the oft repeated words, “You can quit waiting for the other shoe to drop, I’m in it for life.” It took some convincing, but I surrendered and believed those words. I took a chance on a second marriage and a new life with a new husband in a new place. Five years after relocating with that husband in support of his career, he packed me up for a road trip – along with the food I had painstakingly prepared for a family reunion with his dying brother – and told me that he was “done with the marriage and didn’t want to talk about it.”

Blindsided by his announcement and with no discussion about what had gone wrong, I did the only thing I knew to do to try to make sense of my situation and find a way to heal–I journaled my feelings and the long arc of my recovery. Two Minus One: A Memoir shows my journey from shame and devastation to a joyful new chapter in my life.

Two Minus One: A Memoir is a story of strength, resiliency and empowerment. It provides the reader the gifts of hope, courage, and confidence. If I, as the author, could overcome what had occurred to me, others can do the same.

My book is a personal account of betrayal and loss, leading to my discovery of untapped inner strength, enlightenment, renewal and a triumphant new beginning. It was written during the most painful and unexpected experience of my life to help me understand my situation.

The writing was the easy part—I wrote to heal. The publishing and marketing were the most difficult. I had no experience, no platform, and no technological expertise. I learned more than I ever could have imagined about authors, readers, and the process of the publication of a book. I have been honored to have met and mingled with so many people in the book industry and in the world of book clubs and individual readers. I have been touched and humbled by the support of all.

If there is only one thing I could say/share with the listeners, it would be, “Never give up on your dreams. It is never too late to take on a new adventure or to step out of your comfort zone.”

I had no background or training as a writer, and I published a book that was named as one of Kirkus Reviews’ Best Books of 2018. It’s also a September selection for the Pulpwood Book Club Queens Book Club. It certainly took a village of supportive professionals and nonprofessionals, but it can be done.

Themes that came up in the process of writing my book:

  • How to become fearless facing life challenges
  • Determination to keep going got me through
  • How strength is developed in the healing and writing process
  • Empowerment—the outcome of struggling with loss and finding my voice


Two Minus One: A Memoir

by Kathryn Taylor | September 2019 Virtual Book Club

About Kathryn Taylor

Kathryn Taylor was born at the Great Lakes Naval Station near Chicao, Illinois and spent much of her life in the Chicagoland area. When she entered first grade, reading came easily to Taylor. Kathryn assisted struggling classmates and helped them learn to read. Taylor experienced an undeniable sense of fulfillment and the desire to become a teacher took root.  She enjoyed thirty years in the classroom before her retirement and relocation to South Carolina. It was there where Taylor wrote her book, Two Minus One: A Memoir following the unexpected abandonment by her second husband. Taylor is an avid reader, enthusiastic traveler, and incurable beach lover. She resides outside of Charleston, SC, with her rescue dog, Lucy, where she can enjoy all three of her favorite past times.

Website. https://kathryntaylorbooks.com/

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