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February Memoir Teleseminar
Emily Hanlon
February 22, 2019

I’m pleased to be speaking with Emily Hanlon again with our members! Emily is full of personality, a positive attitude, and a deep awareness of what it takes to bring our writing alive. You all have heard from me for years in various formats, Breaking Ground on Your Memoir, a book I co-authored with Brooke Warner, blog posts, and in my books on writing, Journey of Memoir and The Power of Memoir. You all “know” you need to write in scene but putting that skill to practice can be a challenge. I know—because when I first started writing I came from academia and therapy case management where short brief summaries were needed, the shorter the better. As I learned about story writing, I was astounded to find out that the descriptions were at least twice as long! I had to adapt to a new way of thinking, and give myself permission to learn, and relearn, over and over again how to write good scenes. In story writing, the idea is to take the time to create another world, a moment that the reader can step into and live it with you, through your writing. This takes practice and I find that in each presentation I read and watch, I learn something new.

Emily is going to explain the necessary Five Ingredients of the Scene that enable us to develop our writing and make it as alive and inviting as possible. Please join us for this teleseminar. I hope to see you there!!

Emily Hanlon’s Five Ingredients of the Scene SM are the  building blocks that give you the foundation from which your memoir grows. Not only are scenes critical to the success of your memoir, but Emily’s technique makes your writing so much easier. Plus, using The Five Ingredients of the Scene is like riding a bike; once you get it, you’ll never forget it! 

In this interview with Emily, we will explore how the Five Ingredients work individually and how they come together to make a powerfully constructed scene that comes alive with your particular voice.

The Five Ingredients are:

  • Point of View—Whose story are you telling? Writing through your point of view character’s eyes, thoughts and emotions.the lens through which the reader sees the scene
  • Dialogue—believable dialogue has the power to bring you into the moment
  • Dramatic Tension— there’s inner and outer dramatic tension. Both arenecessary to keep your reader turning the pages
  • Setting/Mood—this reaches deep into our unconscious to reveal emotion
  • Flashback—moving through time, an important element in writing memoir

Emily will teach us what these elements are and why they are needed.


BIO: Emily is a writing and creativity coach with a passion for teaching others how to unleash their stories onto the blank page. She’s been a writing coach for over thirty years and has eight books published, including Petersburg, which sold to GP Putnams for $250,000. ​Petersburg reached the Best Seller’s List in England and was translated into Italian, German, and Spanish.

​Her novel, Love is No Excuse, is a fictionalized memoir, and she has worked with many writers working on various types of memoirs.

She’s written a non-fiction book, The Art of Fiction Writing or How to Fall Down the Rabbit Hole Without Really Trying, as well as many articles on writing and the creative process, and has been published in Writer’s Digest. ​

She holds weekly writing workshops and TeleSeminars as well as an annual week-long writing and creativity retreat for Women in Bar Harbor, Maine. This year the retreat runs Sept. 7th-14th.

She graduated from Barnard College with a BA in Writing and English Literature, was a founding member of the ​National Writers Union and co-creator of the hugely popular Westchester County Annual Writing Conference.






If you liked this interview, you’ll love Emily’s new, interactive TeleWorkshop on The Five Ingredients of the Scene. Thursdays, February 28th to March 28th. 12:00-2:30 PM ET.Five Sessions: $250

Special offer for listeners of this call: save 20% when you register by midnight, February 24th. https://www.thefictionwritersjourney.com/2019-the-five-ingredients-workshop.html.

Call Emily at 914.962.4432 for more information. Email: emily@emilyhanlon.com

22nd Annual Writing and Creativity Retreat for Women Writers, September 7th -14th at Emily’s spectacular, private oceanfront property in Bar Harbor, Maine, near the fabulous Acadia National Park. In our daily sessions, we explore possibilities for our characters and storylines that stretch the boundaries of our creativity. Our circle of woman writers nurtures the most amazing breakthroughs! Whatever your writing experience, you’ll become a part of this Circle of Women Writers who are open to the daring, passion and fun of creativity!

Special Offer extended to listeners of this interview only, register for the Retreat by February 28 and receive $300 discount. Call Emily for more information at 914.962.4432.



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