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Robert W. Finertie
Writing a Memoir Takes Longer than You’d Think
February 7, 2019
4 PM PST | 5 PM MST | 6 PM CST | 7 PM EST 

I’m pleased to present Bob Finertie, a man whose progress I’ve been following as he wrote his book over the last several years. Bob joined me and my colleague in our Write Your Memoir in Six Months class, was published in our anthology The Magic of Memoir, and has presented his essays at book readings around the SF Bay Area while his book was in progress. He was determined to write and got support from hanging out with other writers!

Bob’s book Be A Good Boy is the story about surviving childhood abuse and the loss of his mother and, how he moved from self-hatred to self-love. Congratulations Bob!

From Bob:

“Be a good boy” are the last four words my mother said to me as she lay dying on a hospital bed. Her death later that night became a turning point in my life. Afterwards my life was never the same. I kept asking Dad “Where’s mommy?” He said, “in heaven”, but that wasn’t any place I knew. The last I saw her she was being lowered into the ground. Her words became a mantra to me; an introject; a blessing, and a curse.

I wrote the book because some inner voice urged me to explore areas of unfinished business. It wouldn’t leave me alone until I started writing.

My book is about:

  1. Dealing with mother-loss.
  2. Recovering from childhood abuse.
  3. Healing hidden wounds.
  4. Transformation: from self-hatred to self-love.
  5. Growing up with addiction.


I will also discuss:

  • How writing can be a healing and transforming journey.
  • How to overcome obstacles along the way.
  • Practices to keep you writing.

 In addition, I will offer the support you need along the way:

  • The value of on-line classes for accountability, structure and encouragement
  • Being published in an anthology The Magic of Memoir
  • Outwitting with the Inner Critic
  • The importance of a a good cover design
  • Allowing time for the work to marinate
  • Meditation as a space that allows and welcomes ideas


Bob Finertie is a graduate of Maryville College, (TN) BS; Princeton Theological Seminary, MDiv.; and Saint Mary’s University, (TX) LMFT. His first rush at seeing something he wrote in print happened in 1966 when his Letter to the Editor was published in the 30th Anniversary edition of LIFE magazine. The next milestone was having an essay published in an anthology. The biggest thrill to date was publishing my memoir, Be A Good Boy, on October 10, 2018.  After four years of persistent effort to learn my craft, I felt the joy of accomplishment as I held a copy of my book in my hands.

Bob lives with Leslie his wife, and Copper a Cava(lier)poo Spaniel in Walnut Creek. His passion is writing, closely followed by an interest in photography. She loves tennis and choral singing;

My website is a work in progress.

I am on Facebook: Robert W. Finertie

Reach me by mail: rwfinn@comcast.net

My book is on Amazon and Kindle as an e-book.

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