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2019 Virtual Book Club Audio Library

Writing the Hard Stuff: Learning to Care for Yourself While Writing about the Past

by Vanya Erickson | December 2019

The Parrot’s Perch: A Memoir

by Karen Keilt | November 2019

How Long “Should” It Take to Complete Your Memoir?

by Linda A. Curtis | October 2019

Two Minus One: A Memoir

by Kathryn Taylor | September 2019

Braided: A Journey of a Thousand Challahs

by Beth Ricanati | AUGUST 2019

The Healing Journey of Writing and Editing Your Memoir

by Virginia A. Simpson | JULY 2019

Newcomers in an Ancient Land— Adventure, Love and Seeking Myself in 1960’s Israel

by Paula Wagner | JUNE 2019

My Persian Paradox: Memories of an Iranian Girl

by Shabnam Curtis | APRIL 2019

Finding One’s Best Life in the Face of Difficulty, Especially that of (but not only) Physical Disability

by Francine Falk-Allen | MARCH 2019

Writing a Memoir Takes Longer than You’d Think

by Robert W. Finertie | FEBRUARY 2019

Patchwork: A Memoir of Love and Loss

by Mary Jo Doig | JANUARY 2019