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It’s time to celebrate Labor Day and  Back to School here at NAMW!

From September 1 through September 3, 2018 at midnight,  The National Association of Memoir Writers is offering $20 off the cost of an annual membership!   

The crispness of autumn reminds us that it’s the season for new beginnings. Early September is a perfect time to pick up projects that languished over the summer and commit yourself to your writing. It’s a great time to refocus and reset goals, and make plans for your projects. Our minds turn toward new learning in September. I love the aroma of new books, and I just bought a new pen and journal, and I’m ready to write! How about you?

Here at NAMW, we offer many opportunities to learn: from experts like Kay Adams, Marion Roach Smith, Judy Mandel, Jerry Waxler, Brooke Warner, and Grant Faulkner who speak at our Member Teleseminars. New authors, people just like you, talk about their publishing journey at our once a month Virtual Book Club. Our intimate small group coaching meetings are every month, where you can talk about your work in progress and get advice and support from me and the group. When you become a member, you have access to the downloadable audios of these events

So we are going to KICKSTART our fall energy for our writing goals with a sale on our annual membership at the National Association of Memoir Writers!

If you are working on your memoir, and want to learn craft, get inspiration, and have accountability to writing your memoir, please join us. We are eager to support you to get your memoir written and published.

To celebrate new beginnings, NAMW is offering $20 off the cost of annual membership and renewals from  Saturday September 1st through Monday September 3rdNAMW new Memberships are $149  $129 and NAMW Renewals are $139 $119. Current and lapsed members are encouraged to take advantage of this sale!I f you’re still unsure about joining, here are a few great reasons why it pays to be a NAMW member:

  • FREE access to Live Monthly Teleseminars and FREE downloadable recordings of over 100 archived recordings.
  • Free downloadable recordings of our past Telesummits, with valuable topics such as From Story to Sold! Becoming a Successful Memoir Author, Truth and Transformation, The Power of Story, Breaking Silence.
  • Special Member Discounts for workshops, online classes, and webinars
  • Receive  the new eBook by Jerry Waxler: Arcs, Themes, and Endings–Conclude your Memoir with Wisdom
  • The NAMW e-Book:  Memoir Writing as a Healing Journey by Linda Joy Myers.
  • Breaking Silence–Writing Your Truth in Memoir–an eBook with articles by Amy Ferris, Amy Friedman, Linda Joy Myers, Sue William Silverman, and Brooke Warner
  • All members of NAMW are invited to sign up for once a month laser Group Coaching sessions with Linda Joy Myers
  • Opportunities to share your successes and new publications with other memoir writers and ask questions on our  NAMW Members-Only Facebook group

To celebrate Back-to-School for all you memoir writers, we’re offering our 30 Day Challenge Self-Paced Memoir Writing Course for the discounted price of $49 $39! From Sept. 1 to September 3, you can take advantage of this offer and get your memoir off to a great start! You will learn everything here that I teach in all my courses and techniques that helps my coaching clients. Get started today! 

Special bonus: What Made Glass Castle a Best-Selling Memoir  

The popular memoir The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls is a New York Times Bestseller and now a movie! Brooke Warner and I offered a 4 week course on the craft of good writing that Jeannette drew upon to write The Glass Castle.Walls’ book opened the door for memoirists writing about dysfunctional family dynamics and dark childhoods. If you are writing about your youth, this book offers critical lessons about how to write dispassionately, and how to stay true to the age of the narrator as your reader grows up alongside you in your memoir. The Glass Castle offers lessons for any memoirist, and particularly those writing coming-of-age stories, or a darker transformational memoir.This four-session course explores memory and writing dark truths; structure and takeaway; Voice of Innocence vs. Voice of Experience; and themes.We are offering the webinar and the transcript of the class as a bonus when you sign up for NAMW membership during the Labor Day Sale.


Another bonus for this year’s Labor Day sale—!

 I’m giving away two free 30 minute coaching sessions–one-on-one meetings by phone where you have my full attention about your questions and challenges.  Here’s your chance to win an introductory session with me and get a better feel for what coaching can do in your memoir writing quest!  New members, as well as current members who opt to renew through this weekend’s sale, will be eligible for the drawing.  

Reminder: we offer a Free Online Self-Paced Class

A Taste of Memoir Writing  is a free online course that will help you begin your memoir. Beginnings are a great way to start the “school” year. Do you have a story to tell? How many times have you told yourself, When I have time, I’ll write about my childhood. I want to leave a legacy for my family. Or perhaps you’re drawn to write to discover more about yourself. Whatever the reason you want to write a memoir, I know from my years of teaching and listening to aspiring writers that those other voices can pop up: you don’t know how to write, you don’t have a good memory, your life was ordinary, your story would be boring.If you’re reading this, it’s likely you want to try writing your story, that you’re interested in experimenting with the idea.The best thing to do is to start—and these lessons will guide you. You work at your own speed and write whatever you want. When you sign up for this quick taste of memoir writing, for the next four weeks, you will find a lesson in your inbox. It’s like a present. Open it and enjoy!We hope in the spirit of the new “school year,” you’ll decide to take your relationship with NAMW to the next level and join as a member.  Sign up here.  

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