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June 15, 2018
Carolyn Howard-Johnson
11 am  PDT  12 pm MDT  1 pm CDT  2 pm EDT 

I know that most memoir writers groan when it comes to thinking about promotion, not to speak of getting started creating a plan for marketing and selling their book.  We all love the creative juice of the moment, we love remembering and capturing the essence of the feelings and lessons that are important in our story. The idea of diving into the complications of publication, marketing, publicity, and social media—well that makes some of us just dive back out of that pool! But the thing to remember is:

You want people to read your book! You want to deliver your message successfully over time—so let’s figure out how to have more fun with it and open up to new ideas.

Carolyn Howard-Johnson joins us again to help us think through these dilemmas, and makes it fun for us. I think all of you would agree that doing promoting “frugally” is something we want to learn more about. Before the teleseminar, look up her website and books and bring your questions and your resistance to marketing with you to the call—we’re here to help.

We’ll talk about both the best never-too-early and the never-too-late marketing devices.

That includes:

  • Building your marketing/contact lists. No marketing is truly effective without them!
  • Learning to be your own publicist or partner for your publicist because you know your book and how it relates to the world best. Just the basics! Details are always available in what book Bookbaby calls “a classic,” The Frugal Book Promoter, ly/FrugalBookPromo.
  • How to never let your book die. Or even become a classic.
  • How to let your old books sell your new ones. Once you have the techniques, they’ll support your career forever!

We welcome your questions during the last 15 minutes of the discussion—so please join us!



Carolyn Howard-Johnson is the author of the multi award-winning series of HowToDoItFrugally books for writers including USA Book News’ winner for The Frugal Book Promoter. An instructor for UCLA Extension’s renowned Writers Program for nearly a decade, she believes in entering (and winning!) contests and anthologies as an excellent way to separate our writing from the hundreds of thousands of books that get published each year. Two of her favorite awards are Woman of the Year in Arts and Entertainment given by members of the California Legislature and Women Who Make Life Happen, given by the Pasadena Weeklynewspaper. She is an award-winning poet and novelist and loves passing along the tricks of the trade she learned from marketing those so-called hard-to-promote genres.

Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Author of the multi award-winning HowToDoItFrugally Series of books for writers including

The Frugal Editor: Do-it-yourself editing secrets for authors

Website: http://howtodoitfrugally.com

Amazon Profile – bit.ly/CarolynsAmznProfile

Twitter – @FrugalBookPromo

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