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Virtual Book Club
March 8, 2018
Miracle at Midlife–A Transatlantic Romance
Roni Beth Tower

When Roni Beth Tower was fifty-two years old, she had no idea what her next trip to Paris would bring. Join us to learn about her journey of love and transformation, and her path to publishing her amazing prizewinning memoir, Miracle at Midlife–A Transatlantic Romance.  It was published in 2016 by She Writes Press and awarded a Gold IPPY (Independent Publishers Book Award) in 2017

From Roni:

Miracle at Midlife: A Transatlantic Romance tells the inspiring story of our intense and transformative 2-year transatlantic courtship. Along the way, David the loner, living amid the beauty, freedom, and pleasures of Paris, brought me, a responsible and overextended professional haunted by earlier loss and trauma, back to my core as a woman.

What made me want to write it? Because the story describes a major decision and turning point in my life, I wanted to describe the two years of transition as clearly as I could so that my children and grandchildren would be able to better understand what in me and in my life had changed, how, and why.


Some of the greatest challenges on this journey:

  • Discovering what kinds of “promotion” or “publicity” I was comfortable with and which were not right for me.
  • Keeping my priorities straight when a book demand or seduction (i.e., opportunity) threatened to derail a personal commitmen.t
  • Trying to sufficiently express gratitude to my husband without whom there would have been no story.
  • Looking at situations from additional angles so that I could always stay in places of perspective, compassion, understanding.


Some of the greatest joys:

  • Meeting people I never would have met – especially other authors, readers, and terrific people who have wanted to help get my book where it needs to go.
  • When David comes with me and we can share our story in person. We know how lucky we are.
  • Reinforcing the importance of learning, living and teaching love – and underscoring the many, many forms in which people can experience it.
  • Feeling the gratitude for the experiences I have had that have permitted me to see my own life from a broader perspective.
  • The trip when David and I brought the book to Paris and took photos of each other holding it at many locations featured in its pages.


What you will learn:

  • The power of love transcends age, habits, and belief systems
  • Roni’s path of writing her memoir, and what she learned on that journey–editing, publishing, publicity and more.
  • How important it is to keep writing and submitting essays, short pieces, and  submitting to journals as part of getting the word out about your book.

Roni was born in Akron, Ohio, majored in religion at Barnard, earned a doctorate in clinical psychology at Yale, and cross-trained in Epidemiology and Public Health at Yale Medical School.  She’s a retired clinical, research and academic psychologist, a Diplomate of the American Academy of Professional Psychology, former president of the American association for the Study of Mental Imagery, and a volunteer for the American Red Cross.  Roni and David have been together 22 years this month, and enjoy their life together, their kids, grandkids and friends, and their travels, especially to France.


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