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NAMW January Member Teleseminar
Kathleen (Kay) Adams
January 26, 2018
11 AM PST  | 12pm MST | 1pm CST  | 2pm EST

Happy 2018 to you all! I look forward to a creative year at NAMW, and I hope you are enjoying the development of your projects as the year begins.

For our first membership teleseminar, I’m very pleased to welcome back my friend and colleague Kathleen Adams to start the year. Kay has presented for us many times and offers us special moments where we can be with our writing and our thoughts during the presentation. That is so special, that I wanted to begin the year where we are writing and exploring together.

From Kay: The year 2017 will be remembered for many things, one of which is the way that so many people broke so much silence about topics heretofore taboo. In particular, the #MeToo movement brought sexual wrongdoings–everything from obnoxious greedy frat boys, to dominance through intimidation and fear, to perpetrators of sexual assault–into the foreground. Journalists of both genders have told stories of women and sometimes men who have been assaulted in word or deed, whose life experiences have been documented and shared. This uprising of truth and open sharing emboldened more and more people to break their own silences and tell their own stories.

In this conversation and mini-workshop, we’ll look at what we are willing to write and what we keep unwritten. With particular care and respect for your truths that are not yet word-ripe, during this workshop we will help you to unpack one point of your silence in search of the gift that is contained within the wound, setting the stage for further exploration in your journals and memoirs.

At the end of this presentation, participants will be able to:

  • Identify two or more ways to hold your secrets or traumatic material
  • Practice regulation of emotional intensity to keep ourselves safe as we explore
  • Understand the famous Pennebaker “Flip-Out Rule”
  • Practice breaking silence in writing
  • Learn two or more journal writing techniques that support the safe breaking of silence
  • Begin crafting a scene that involves breaking your silence

Kathleen Adams LPC, PTR is a psychotherapist and poetry/journal therapist in Denver, Colorado. Since 1985 she has pioneered the field of journal therapy. Kay is the founder/director of the Center for Journal Therapy and its professional training academy, the fully on-line Therapeutic Writing Institute, as well as its membership community, the Journalverse. 


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