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Over the next few days, we celebrate our independence. At this time of year, we celebrate being part of a country that created a new identity with new ideas: freedom of speech, the belief in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

When we write a memoir, we’re engaged in bringing our memories to life! We gather the stories of our life together in a narrative that makes sense and connects the dots between past and present. That’s how writing a memoir empowers us: piecing together fragments, weaving themes, and discovering hidden parts of ourselves, our family, and our identity. It can be an ongoing experiment!

Independence is the hallmark of writing. We want to support you and celebrate being free to write and share the stories of your life. It’s great for you, and it’s a valuable legacy for family and friends.

This weekend, we’re offering you the opportunity to join NAMW at $20 off our annual membership fee.  From July 1 to midnight July 4–it’s just $129.00 for an annual membership, and $119 for renewals!

When you join NAMW this weekend, you’ll receive the full benefits of membership as well as our new guide, Secrets, Lies and Scandals Behind Closed Doors –Challenges with Family and Truth When Writing a Memoir as well as access to the audio recordings of the Telesummit “Breaking Silence.”  NAMW features a variety of industry pros and fellow writers throughout the year for our members.  We provide resource to inspire you and encourage you to keep going on your journey toward publication, whether it’s a blog, a book, or articles.

Writing your story offers your family and audience a slice of life, a personal history that tells a bigger story about where you are from, your traditions and your cultures.

Join NAMW today and we’ll support you in your journey toward healing and sharing your life’s stories!

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