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2017 Virtual Book Club Audio Library

Tackling the Taboo in Memoir: Why it’s worth the effort

by Alexis Marie Chute | DECEMBER 2017

An Improvisatory Approach to a Memoir about an Improvised Life

by Leslie Lawrence | NOVEMBER 2017

Mindful Writing: How Memoir Helps the Writer, Awaken the Heart, Claim the Past, and Live in the Present

by Peter Gibb | OCTOBER 2017

The Story You Need to Tell – We all have one!

by Sandra Marinella | SEPTEMBER 2017

There Was a Fire Here: A memoir that rose from the ashes

by Risa Nye | AUGUST 2017

How I Wrote My Memoir: One Sentence a Day

by Thais Derich | JULY 2017

Evolution of a Memoir – Everything in Its Own Time

by Rifka Kreiter | JUNE 2017


Exposed: Telling Our Deep Truths in Memoir or Fiction

by Betsy Graziani Fasbinder | MAY 2017

Critical Keys for Thriving as a Writer

by Donna Stoneham | MARCH 2017

Writing a Book with Benefits: Steps I Took to Take Care of My Memoir’s Future Readers

by Lizbeth Meredith | FEBRUARY 2017

What I Learned about the Courage to Write and Publish my Memoir Accidental Soldier

by Dorit Sasson | JANUARY 2017