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Summer is a time of relaxation, vacations, travel and reflection.  What better time to gather your thoughts and put pen to paper?   Join the National Association of Memoir Writers and take advantage of the “writing season!”

NAMW is a membership organization that invites memoir writers from all over the world to connect, learn and become inspired about writing their stories. Our goal is to help you feel empowered with purpose and energy.  See yourself begin to develop your life stories into a memoir that’s ready to published, whether in essay form, a book, a family legacy or a blog. 

When you join NAMW, you are receiving the support of fellow writers from all walks of like.  Benefits of membership include: 

  • Free and discounted writing workshops designed to assist you in staying on task and focused;
  • Teleseminars covering the techniques that allow you to capture your memories and stories;
  • Author platform building & publishing tools; and
  • Access to a community of dedicated memoir writing professionals and enthusiasts. 

We are constantly looking for innovative ways to provide you with the tools and support needed for your unique memoir writing journey.

2016 NAMW Memorial Day SaleIn May, a time of remembering, the roses are blooming in our gardens. There’s happy birdsong and blossoms and many shades of green. Spring has sprung and we humans love celebrating these long hours of light. Our minds melt into dream as we feel the earth rich with new life. I believe that when we tune into the natural forces of the earth and the cycles of time, our creativity participates in these cycles, inviting us to dig into the treasures of our hearts and souls.  As memoirists, we need these moments of dream and reflection to help us move forward with our stories.

Remember, every month of this year invites you to make more progress on your memoir. As you tune into the glorious light of the season, shine your creative light into writing your memoir. Think about why you’re writing, and the legacy you are creating about your life and the wisdom you’ve gleaned.

That’s why memoir is still so popular—to readers and writers. People need and want to learn from others about how life can be lived, about the transformations that can happen which create a circle of hope and inspiration for all.

Checklist of questions to ask yourself about the progress of your memoir:

  • What is the message I want to convey in my memoir?
  • How many words each month/week/day is my goal?
  • How many words have I written? (Keep a running list on your computer. )
  • What are my turning point stories—these are the most important ones to include. Make a list now and compare it to your last outline/musings. Maybe you have new stories to add.
  • How many turning point stories have I finished? How many are started?
  • What inspired you to write your memoir: List five reasons.
  • What skill sets do you need to develop? How are you fulfilling that need?
  • Remember, writing 300 words a day-a little more than one page-gets you to a first draft manuscript in six months.

Each month at the National Association of Memoir Writers, we offer Memoir Roundtable podcasts and Member Teleseminars to help people learn about the skills of memoir writing from the experts on the calls. The callers enjoy talking with each other and the presenters, and valuable information is delivered on each call. Over time, we get to know each other, and build a feeling of community. Member group coaching with me as the leader has been very popular with all our members. They are able to talk with each other, gathering in community on the phone. We talk about each person’s memoir project and cheer each other on. This is available only to members of NAMW.

We enhance community connections on our Member and open Facebook groups and page. Just type in National Association of Memoir Writers, and join us. Tell us what you’re writing and reading, the new skills you’ve developed, and what’s happening in your writing life.

the flag of the United States and the text Memorial DayTo celebrate remembering, to encourage you to write your story and leave your legacy, we’re offering a membership salea full $30 off our usual fee.

May 28-May 31–it’s just $119.00 for our full membership, a $149 value. You will immediately be able to download our digital gifts.

Existing members can renew for the discounted fee of $109.

You can also become a lifetime member for only $549.

To celebrate the 8th anniversary of the National Association of Memoir Writers, we’re including additional gifts you will receive when you sign up:

  • The PDF and audio of The Glass Castle, the book that rocked the memoir world by Jeannette Walls.
  • A PDF of Breaking Ground on Your Memoir—by Linda Joy Myers and Brooke Warner. This book tells you how to build your memoir from the ground up.
  • How to Sell Your Memoir—12 Steps to a Perfect Book Proposal by Brooke Warner. You’ll learn how to think about getting your memoir sold, and how to write a proposal.

Of course, members have immediate access to all the resources in the membership area of the site–over 100 audios and articles and several eBooks that address your memoir writing needs. To learn more about our membership benefits please visit us here.

Take advantage of our Memorial Day Sale by clicking here.

I wish you a glorious Memorial Day, and invite you to remember, write, and celebrate your life by starting your memoir today.

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