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Sue CanfieldYour goal in using social media to market your book should be to share information of value with others. Book sales will come. However, if your only goal in using social media is to sell books, you’ll be disappointed. These are some basic social media marketing tips to help you share information of value.

Target audience and influencers

Define your target audience and identify some ‘influencers’ in your subject. Be sure to follow these people on all your social networks. In Twitter, create a list of these people and monitor what they tweet and retweet as appropriate.

Keywords for Hashtags

Identify keywords used in your memoir to use as #hashtags in Twitter. Use hashtags as often as possible across all networks (provided there is room at the end of a tweet). These help with discoverability and now also work on Facebook and Google+.


I recommend using Hootsuite to manage all your social media in one place. You can sign up for a free account here: https://hootsuite.com/plans/free

Ideas for tweets:

  • Create short quotes from your memoir
  • Add quotes to appropriate images to post
  • Post a link weekly to where your memoir can be purchased

Each week on each network post the following as appropriate to help grow your networks

Join me on Facebook! <link to your Facebook page>

Let’s connect on Twitter: <link to your Twitter page>

Are you on Google+? Let’s connect there too: <link to your Google Plus page>

Are we connected on LinkedIn? Send me a connection request! <link to your LinkedIn profile>


Sue Canfield of Chief Virtual Officer has been working with social media since 2005. She blogs regularly about how to use social media and consults on social media best practices. Sue specializes in helping authors create and maintain their online presence.

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