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NTFMF-Banner-220From the ages of 11-24, I was sexually abused by my biological father. My shame was so intense I told no-one, including my husband of over 40 years about my past until I was in my mid 60’s. This first memoir, “No Tears for my Father” was written with the full encouragement and support of my husband and 2 daughters. In graphic detail, as that is the only way this story could be told and be honest, I shared my memoir from before the abuse began to where I finally left home and got married. This book is the first of 3 memoirs: at the request of friends and fans, I wrote a followup memoir of recovery, rebirth and self-discovery as a person worthy of love titled “Learning to Love Myself”; the third memoir titled “Voice from an Urn”, was written to answer readers’ questions about my mother’s role in the incest.



viga-250pxViga has written 4 memoirs, facilitates memoir writing for her local library. To help other memoirists fulfill their writing aspirations, she promotes their editorials, stories and poems by blogging and podcasting from her other website, Memoirabilia. A retired septuagenarian, according to her husband, she has never been busier, as she travels around offering hope and encouragement to victims of violence though speaking engagements. Her mantra is “I am who I think I am…and I better like that person!”


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