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Debbie Tripp 1I started seriously writing in a journal while I was in college.  To tell you the truth, it is often the only way I can discover what I really think about a puzzling topic.  I use a pen and paper to discover my truths so often that my friends sometimes tease me about having my brains in my fingers.  I joined NAMW about five years ago and jumped in fingers first, writing stories from my childhood.  Through the years, I have experienced much healing from writing the stories of my past and having them witnessed in our memoir writing group.  I can also testify to the truth of Pennebaker’s research about writing and its impact on pain.  I know first hand that the writing I have done through the years with NAMW classes has reduced the painful flares of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia.



Debbie currently lives in Utah.  She has taught writing for healing and self-discovery classes for over twenty years in Michigan and Washington State.  She was awarded the Jade Ring Award for Writing Excellence by the Wisconsin State Regional Writers Association.  When she isn’t writing her memoirs, she is trying new recipes or pursuing her passion of Saori Weaving.

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