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Telesummit Spring 2016 Presenter PhotoBreaking Through—Writing the Forbidden Stories in your Memoir

FREE Memoir Telesummit hosted by Linda Joy Myers, President and Founder of NAMW

May 6, 2016

Starts 10 am PDT/2 pm EDT

Memoir writers have a tough mandate: to dig deep and tell their own personal truths, and write a story that will offer a universal message to others. We aren’t supposed to make things up, and we are warned not to air the dirty laundry—who will want to read it anyway—says those critical voices, both the inner voice and real people. We know/fear that family and friends may uninvite us to the holidays once they know that we are writing a memoir. It makes everyone squirm a little, and cast guilty looks about the room. But your stories are your own, and your truth is your truth.

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