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1evanscwsExpressive Writing and the Healing Memoir

John Evans

February 19, 2016

11 am PST 12 pm MST 1 pm CST 2 pm EST

We are so pleased to have as our guest John Evans, author of several books on expressive writing and writing for healing. The most recent book is Expressive Writing: Words that Heal. John is engaged in research at Duke University Medical Center and Duke Integrative Medicine about writing as healing: Examining the role of Expressive Writing to improve resilience among those experiencing an emotional upheaval or a physical health challenge.

His is a significant voice in the growing conversation about how important writing is in our lives to heal—it changes lives, it makes a difference in how we feel about ourselves, our family, and our souls.

In this teleseminar John and I will talk about the well-known “The Pennebaker Paradigm,” a fruitful platform from which to dive into memoir writing.  Part of that paradigm includes layers of writing prompts. John will lead us through the prompts he uses that invite deep exploration and promote transformation.

John will discuss

  1. Expressive Writing as a  platform for memoir writing
  2. Transactional Writing for expressing compassion, gratitude, forgiveness
  3. Affirmative Writing to celebrate strengths
  4. Legacy Writing to express how you wish others to know you.

Read more here:  http://www.wellnessandwritingconnections.com

Expressive Writing - coverEvans works with groups, individuals, and health care professionals, teaching them how to use writing for better physical, emotional, and spiritual health.  He has authored five books and has taught journaling and writing for self-development for over thirty years. With James Pennebaker, Evans co-authored Expressive Writing: Words that Heal (2014). His book, Wellness & Writing Connections: Writing for Better Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health (2010), is a collection of essays from the Wellness & Writing Connections Conference Series (2007 – 2010). At Duke Integrative Medicine, Evans has taught, Caring for Caregivers, Legacy Writing, Transform Your Health: Write to Heal, Leading Patients in Writing for Health, and Writing as a Tool for Integrative Health Coaches. Currently, Evans blogs monthly for Psychology Today in Personal Perspectives.



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