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2016 Virtual Book Club Audio Library

The Power of Words: 20 Years of Writing

by Jill Kandel | DECEMBER 2016

Dipping the Madeleine: How to Find Hidden Memories as You Write Your Memoir

by Barbara Donsky | NOVEMBER 2016

What I Learned from Screenwriters about Structuring a Memoir

by Betty Hafner | OCTOBER 2016

Why NaNoWriMo is Important for Memoirists

by Grant Faulkner | SEPTEMBER 2016

Meaningful Misery: Why Writing a Memoir is a Worthwhile Struggle

by Dr. Virginia Simpson | AUGUST 2016

The Rewards of Private Publication

by Sharon Lippincott and Carol Broz | JULY 2016

Inventing the Memoir: Truth Can Be Stronger Than Fiction

by Amye Archer | JUNE 2016

My Twelve Year Odyssey to Turn life into Memoir

by Jerry Waxler | APRIL 2016

Writing In the Voice of My Mother

by Jo Ivester | MARCH 2016

Writing in Two Languages—Translating Your Story into a Memoir

by Lene Fogelberg | FEBRUARY 2016

Don’t Let Anyone Stop You From Writing Your Memoir

by Leslie Johansen Nack | JANUARY 2016