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 December 11 , 2015


Weave History into Your Memoir and Create a Universal Connection

KimPearson_jpg for webWe want to welcome once again Kim Pearson, whose specialty is helping writers include research and history in their stories. Kim is also a ghostwriter and we are going to talk about that during our discussion as well.

Kim and I will talk about why and how our actions, thoughts, and feelings can have impact – on the whole world—especially now in the era of social media and world-wide connections. The discussion will explore the relationship between “big” history and an individual life. After all, our personal stories are part of history. Libraries have archived personal accounts of lived history for years and Mass-Observation in Britain gathered the personal history of as many citizens as it could to offer the personal stories of WWII Britain.

It’s important for us to remember that “history” is not a dry recital of dates and places: history IS stories, your stories and mine. No matter what you were doing, or how old you were, you participated and contributed to the events and trends of your time. In fact, part of my teaching as a memoir writer is to get memoir writers to include historical events on their personal timeline.

During this discussion you will:

  • Learn the four vital reasons why history is important to memoir
  • Learn Kim’s 5-step system that helps you use historical facts to give depth and context to your memoir
  • Hear true stories that will awaken your buried memories
  • Find out about how ghostwriting works—many memoirists have questions about how they can ghostwrite their family memoir, or have someone ghostwrite theirs. Bring your questions!

 Kim Pearson is an author, ghostwriter, and the owner of Primary Sources, a writing service that helps others become authors of polished, professional, and compelling books.

She’s the author of non-fiction Making History: how to remember, record, interpret and share the events of your life, Dog Park Diary (ghostwritten for a dog!).

https://www.amazon.com/author/kimpearson. She has ghostwritten (for people) more than 45 non-fiction books and memoirs. Her online program “Learn to Ghost” teaches others the fine art of ghostwriting.




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