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Sale: Saturday, November 26- Monday, November 28, 2016

You have a story in your heart. The National Association of Memoir Writers wants to help you put those memories on paper. Memoir writers love to reminisce and think about relationships that have shaped their lives. “Remember when we…” and “I want to share my grandmother with everyone–she was such a sweet person.”  How about “Those were amazing times and I want people to know the history and my part in it.”

44241216_sOur annual Cyber Monday sale is here! Time to embrace your inner voice, to share with the world what you’ve learned in your walk through this glorious process we call life. As a member of the National Association of Memoir Writers, you benefit from a variety of events such as our members-only virtual seminars, group coaching, and over 80 audios of previous NAMW events. Join us for group coaching every month to talk about the book you’re writing and the topics that excite you to write your book.

Getting to know all of you is so inspiring for me. I see that creating the National Association of Memoir Writers is helping people write their stories and that we all are connecting with others who are passionate in the same way. Most memoir writers are inspired by memories–and movies, videos, photographs, and….writing prompts—one of the benefits of our sale. Read more about our Membership Benefits here–learn how to use the audios and teleseminars we offer through NAMW all year long as you work on your memoir.

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You will receive these two free gifts with your purchase of a new membership or renewal during Cyber Monday:

Gift # 1

You will receive MY MEMOIR ORGANIZER, tabs with themes for your memoir that will fit into your binder. It includes a attractive vintage-style photo insert “My Memoir” that offers a welcoming place to gather your stories and start to feel that you have a book!
my_memoir_binder-with-tabs-visibleThis year’s tabs include:

  • Childhood memories
  • Roots and Legacies
  • Mother
  • Father
  • Holidays
  • Love and Marriage
  • Houses
  • Secrets and Hidden Truths…
  • and more.

Inside the tabs, will find over 90 writing prompts, a timeline tool template to help you chart out your life and the plot of your memoir, a list of dozens of memoir topics, and writing tips to get you started and keep you going to “The End” of your memoir. You know how helpful it is to have writing prompts–they get you started with themes and ideas that add to the story you want to tell and evoke your memories. These prompts cover the significant moments that are common to all of us, yet are unique to you.

Every year, we ship out a LOT of these, so sign up today and get yours in the mail before Christmas! Start the year with a way to organize your writing and your new inspirational prompts. They are great as gifts to your friends and family!


Gift #2

Audio and Transcript of four session course taught by Linda Joy Myers and Brooke Warner:
wildWhat Made Wild a Best-selling Memoir?

It’s not often that a memoir grabs the attention of the world, stays on the New York Times bestseller list for months, and gets made into a movie. But Cheryl Strayed’s Wild did just that. Brooke Warner and I decided to take a deep look into what made Wild a bestseller, combing through for examples that could help the memoir writers we teach to learn about the skills she used, and draw from them for their own writing.

In Wild, Strayed uses what’s called a framed structure—she writes the story of her life, using her time on the Pacific Crest Trail as a frame to contain her story. In this four-session course you will learn about the writing skills she used to create an amazing story: structure; transitions; flashbacks vs. memory; and takeaway. You will not only learn to use these skills in your own writing, through our examples in the course and the teaching of these skills, you’ll even appreciate the book much more. You’ll see how you need to pay attention to the structure of your own story, and how to use flashbacks to enhance the “now” story line. You’ll learn what takeaway is and why you must have it so agents and editors will pay attention to your story, so they’ll see what makes your story universal and create a memoir that will sell. People who have taken the course tell us that it has helped them see what they need to do with their story to make it  as potentially successful memoir that will reach the hearts of their readers.


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